Are you a drunkard?


The book of Proverbs has a lot of advice on wine. Perhaps it is important for us to look at some of the verses so that we are being warned of the consequences of getting drunk or surrendering our lives to the bottle of beer.

Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.(Proverbs 23:20,21)

Do not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly!In the end it bites like snake and poisons like a viper.Your eyes will see strange sights and your mind imagine confusing things.You will be like one sleeping on high seas, lying on top of the rigging.’They hit me,”you will say,”but I’m not hurt!They beat me, but i don’t feel it!When will I wake up so I can find another drink?”(Proverbs 23:31-35)

This is really true. People who loves the beer too much will go to the same place everyday to drink.They are never satisfied.Once they get slightly drunk, they start to tell all their secrets loudly because they are no more in control of their mind.They don’t feel the pain even if they are injured it seems. They could have spend their time with their family or do something worth while.Their money just flow into their bottle and finish.

Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbours, pouring it from the wineskin till they are drunk, so that they can gaze on their naked bodies.You will be filled with shame instead of glory.Now it is your turn.Drink and be exposed.The cup from the Lord’s right hand is coming around you.(Habakkuk 2:15-16)
Have you seen a person drinking all by himself?Seldom, isn’t it.Because people loves to spend their money buying beer for their friends until they get drunk. Bottles after bottles they do not mind buying for everybody.What does God say about getting others drunk?

When a person gets drunk, he is no longer in control of his mind. He will not only tell everyone about what he had done, but will boast about his strength and mock others. This will lead him to quarrel with anyone.Thinking that he is strong, he is easily angered and hence willing to fight anybody. But when a person is drunk he is unable to defend himself even though he things that he can beat anybody.

The verse above says that wine is a mocker and beer a brawler.We all know this when we come into contact with a drunkard.The drunkard will mock at anything- including at Christians, and against God. They laughed and are abusive in their words. The beer causes a person to feel strong and invincible and therefore, it will cause them to provoke a fight. That is why, putting ourselves under the bondage of beer or alcholic drink is bringing ourselves to self destruction.

A person once told me that those who spend most of their time drinking beer with their friends are irresponsible towards their own family. They love the bottles more than their own families.The money they spend on drinking and the time they are outside their homes are proof of that. They are considered selfish according to him.

I recalled someone who told me of a relative whose husband is a drunkard.The family would tremble with fear everytime the husband came home late at night. Somebody would be beaten. The entire family is gripped with fear because the man who is supposed to take care of the family had become a danger.

I had a friend who couldn’t stop drinking every friday afternoon and sometimes on weekends. If his friends come, the drinking will begin. Because of that, I was asked by his brother in-law to advise him. So I went to his home and talk to him. His family was with him. He did not stop. But one day, he fell from his motorbike and his head hit a stone. His was in a comma and warded in the hospital for sometime.

Then not long after he was transfered to a new place of work, very far away from home. He was there for a few months before I last met him. I asked him about the new place, and he said that he was happy there. He also attend service there. I told him that was what I want to hear from him.

Not long after, after Christmas, I got a called from his brother in-law that he had just passed away.He had a stroke. He was in his 40s.

His friends did not drink for sometimes. But weeks later, they forgot about him and start all over.

My wife had a vison once, during a revival service and she saw hands of people struggling for help as the flooding water drowned them. Floating were tins of beer!


I recalled when my father passed away.My father was a drunkard.I got the word he had passed away.My sister and I went to a little room apartment where he had lived(he had abandoned his family).We got the little gatherings that dad had left.He didn’t leave us a dime, not a penny of insurance, not a thing, just an old souvenir of a gun, and one change of clothes and a funeral bill of seven hundred dollars.You can put all his belonging in my arms.That is the picture of what sin will do.When he was a young man, he owed a nice grocery store.The sin came into his life and he died with nothing but a few pennies in his pocket, a hammer and a saw. a little gun and one change of clothes…he died of a heart attack…….tonight I hate liquor like I hate a rattlesnake.I hate any kind of liquor.I hate martinis, I hate cocktails, I hate beers….why? Because I have seen what it will do to homes.I saw the wrinkles it put in my little mother’s face.I saw the grey hairs it put in her head and the stooped shoulder it caused.I saw her go to bed weeping at night because her boy and girl had no food to eat.The husband had drunk all up.I hate it…( From the sermon of Spirit-filled Pastor Jack Hyles /His book “Let’s here Jack Hyles.”

Many years ago, I was in a church service.A well known evangelist was preaching. After the sermon, he wanted to pray for anyone who would come. A young man, who was one of the most difficult person in the village went up front, because he was a bit drunk and planned to speak thorugh the microphone because someone had stolen his boots.But as he stepped on the platform, he collapsed on the ground and his father rushed over to him. The smell of alcohol and cigarette left him. The smells passed by those who gathered at the front, and went out of the church.There is evil behind all these activities because alcohol and cigarettes destroy life.

A pastor preached one sunday that to enter hell, you will spend a lot of money… for instance, drinking alcholoc drinks…such as beers etc.He insisted that drinking beers causes one to sin and to commit all kinds of sins.When the person is no longer in control of his mind,he does a lot of bad things.I’ve seen people fight just after drinking. Some people got killed after drinking and had become drunk.Why is going to hell
very expensive? A tin of beer cost about RM6.50. Ten tins will be RM65.00.I’d observed that at an alcholic will drink at least 10 tins per day or per sitting. That will be RM650.00 in 10 days or RM1300.00 if drinking for 20 days.No wonder the Bible says that those who love beer will never be rich.If a person spend RM1300.00 per month, he will spend RM13,000.00 in ten months.Enough to help the children to school or to college. If you are an alcholic, try to find out how much you flush out into the drain and what do you benefit from all the years of drinking beer.Then you will be able to agree with that pastor that it is indeed a very expensive lifestyle to be an alcholic.
You have been warned.


Recently I had a dream, which was not like any other dream.I was with two others.One of them loves singing-just like me.They followed me and we came to canals which had branched into two.Both were full of mainly small fish, but when I turn to look again into one of the smaller canals,there was a big python swimming in the canal.I grabbed it by the neck, but could not strangle it, so I asked the two to help me hold the snake which was as big as my led.To no avail, I held it by the neck and smashed its head with a stone until it died.The python in the dream meant to swallow the fish and finish them of.

During this period of time I was with the youth services and I had warned them of the grip the beer would have on anyone who would try it.Like what the verses above mentioned, the beer intents to hold on to the drinker and would not let go, like what a python does to its victim. A drunkard was once someone who started to sip a bit.Eventually the can multiplies and eventually the person becomes a slave to it. The same to cigarrete. The chain smoker was once someone who just want to try it for fun. But eventually, he found out that he could not stop and he becomes a slave to the cigarrete.

The Bible said that the strong wine is a poison- more deadly than the viper’s.If you insist that beer is good for your heath,and therefore must drink, you are just one of many who loves wine and is a slave to it.

When man is so happy, his tendency is to celebrate.During any celebration, when man is very happy, he is an OPEN person.He is open to anything..because he is very happy.He is sure to flung open the door of his house, fences and heart.So when a person is so happy, he can ruin himself and everything he has if he is not careful.When we open our hearts like this, there is grave danger of being invaded by the power of the evil spirits if the power of God is not within us!

Many young people love to include the beer in their celebration.From the BEER begin everything that is evil.The BEER begins its work until it lay in ruin anyone that allows it to flow through them. Some people celebrate Christmas by drinking Beer and eventually gets drunk. Some people get drunk at wedding celebration.

Everyone wants to be happy.I f God gives us joy, don’t misuse it by drinking alcholoc drinks which will lead us to drunkardness and entry of evil.

Honour God and please God in all our celebration.Don’t let the devil has any opening into our lives.Praise God exceedingly.


The gods of their stomach are the strong drinks that had taken control of their lives.They spend their precious time by the table serving it. They spend most of their money drinking it. They beat their children and wives adoring it. They work all their lives worshipping it!They dance on the floor of the night clubs enjoying it.

We had added a lot of unnecessary things in our diet and therefore abuse our bodies.

The acts of the sinful nature are…..
…….drunkedness, orgies( wild parties) and the like.(Galatians 5:19-21)

The verses above touch on the sinful nature of man.Unless a person is born again, the person will love to do all the things mentioned in the above verses.Those who are a new creation will no longer love the old self. They will love what the Spirit desires.So if we indulge in such activities, then it is obvious, we are still under the control of the desires of the flesh, and is yet to surrender to God.


“Its not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave for beer, les they drink and forget what the laws decree, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.(Proverbs 31:4-5)
There is a reason why kings, leaders and Christians must not drink wine or beer.They must always be able to rule or lead in the right frame of mind.The verse tells us that, when leaders involve themselves in this kind of drinking, they will not be able to follow the decrees or rules themselves.Hence, they will forget to uphold justice.The defences of anyone will crumble if one loves beer.The devil loves to see Christians get under the bondage of the beer because that is where the person is most vulnerable to his many attacks, such as vices etc.

Drinking wine has always been a contest between who can stand longer or who can drink the most or who can take in without getting drunk. Hence, there is those who would want to be heroes in drinking. They boast about their drinking habits. When a group of people get together to drink, it often end in trouble. Quite recently, we heard of a man being killed by his friend after they got drunk. It always cause havoc either at the place of drinking or at home. WHAT WISDOM DO WE GET FROM DRINKING WINE?”