The famous Bamboo Band in Malaysia- The Long Semadoh A Bamboo Band
The famous Bamboo Band in Malaysia- The Long Semadoh A Bamboo Band

The village you see in the background is called Long Semadoh.There are about 500 people living in Long Semadoh. Long Semadoh is about 120 kilometers from the nearest town, Lawas.It is connected by timber road and to go there you have to use 4 wheel drive.This place is in a valley far in the highlands of Sarawak.Its beautiful environment, untouched by pollution is one of the most peaceful place on earth.

The Long Semadoh Bamboo Band is the most popular because it had won the Bamboo Band competitions for 5 years consecutively at the Lun Bawang Festivals. They
were invited to state functions in Sibu, Kuching and Lawas. They comprised of more than 80 people of different age groups some as old as 60 plus years old.

They made their own instruments and sell some to their neighbouring villages. In fact, those living in the town and cities used to order from them too. The bamboo plants
are easily available in the mountain valleys.

Originally, they play hymns melodies. For state functions they play the national and state Anthems or some other tunes.

In most church events and welcoming of important officials or government ministers, they play the Bamboo Band instruments.

If you want to make some bamboo musical instruments, its all in my book. With the purchase of “Masyarakat Lun Bawang” book, the measurements for the instruments are there.You can produce the flute or bass yourself.

The Bamboo Band is the most popular musical band in the early days, from the 1960’s onward among the Lun Bawang and Kelabits. Its early origin
is in the Kalimantan side of the border. Soon some people from that region passed it to the Lun Bawang and the Kelabits. Some important names are
Pantulusang who came to Sarawak to become a teacher. Another with him was the Paul Kouhan. Both married locals and passed on the expertise to
the people ther