Why must we think of heaven?


You TUBE has done alot in terms of giving information to any one all over the world. If you look at u tube on heaven or anything related to heaven and hell, testimonies of people who went to heaven and hell, you will be able to decide after seeing the fate of any religion in this world. You see all kinds of conversion going on. This is normal because there are reasons for converting to other faiths. BUT WHEN IT COME TO TESTIMONIES OF PEOPLE WHO WENT TO HELL AND HEAVEN and came back, they will tell the same thing. ONLY JESUS IS THE WAY. THE REST ARE IN HELL! THOSE WHO CAME BACK  SAW THE TRUTH AND TO LIE ABOUT SOMETHING TRUE WILL LEND THEM BACK TO HELL!  WHO DARE TO TELL LIES IF THEY SAW SOMETHING REAL? SO REMEMBER,  THE CHRISTIAN GOD IS THE TRUE GOD. YOU BETTER BE INFORMED. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE, GO TO THOSE U TUBE TESTIMONIES!”

“Nothing impure will enter it,nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”(Revelation 21:27)

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him”(1 Corinthians 2:9 )


The reason some are not interested in the place God calls “HEAVEN” is because they are either too comfortable in this world or and they just want to ignore the deaths that happens everyday in the news.The Bible says that when we die, we either go to heaven or to hell. If you want to go to heaven, then you have to know and be accepted by heaven’s gate keeper and Lord, Jesus Christ!If not the place waiting, that needs no booking is hell.

If indeed you are not told of this place, you better go and ask a Christian before its too late!

One of the greatest mistakes is to ignore the life after death.Some people think that if they are not a believer of Jesus, they don’t have to worry about heaven or hell because to them, these places are not for them. My friend, you are gravely mistaken.Jesus Christ is the God of all creation and when you did not want to believe Him, you have made a choice not to follow Him- but even then you are still under Him, and there is no escape, from the punishment that awaits ALL MANKIND, regardless who you choose to believe. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. So if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour,then you are assured that when you die you will go into that beautiful city of God.

The Bible speaks about the book of Life will be opened and the names of those saved are recorded in there, enabling them to enter heaven. Those whose name are not in the Lamb’s book of life (Rev. 21:27) will be rejected.


About a few years ago, a nurse told others of a man, who was brought into the ICU ward
of the hospital.She was the nurse on duty there and her patient, who was not a Christian told her that he had died for a few minutes ago.He said that when he left his body, he saw a shining city in the distant and he went there.His main intention, he told the nurse was to look for his father who had died years earlier.But the city was surrounded by high fences and there was only one gate. At the gate was a man dressed in white robe and sitting on a white horse.Sitting by the gate was a huge lion.From the gate he could see some of his friends in the city. He asked the Man whether his father was in.The Man pointed at a book and when he looked into the book, his father’s and his own name was not in there.He asked the Man, where he father was.The Man brought him somewhere, to a dark eerie place and pointed to where his father was. He was shocked to see his father in a hole covered in maggots and in much pain!Then this man wanted to go into the city but the Man in the white robe told him that no one can enter except those whose name is written in the book at the entrance of the city.He refused to go.Suddenly, the man found himself back at the ward.That was what he related to the nurse.This man has never been to a Christian meeting or service, and therefore did not know that the Man in the white robe and riding on a white horse is in fact, Jesus as recorded in the Bible.I f he knew, surely he would have repented.When the nurse told him, he still would not believe, and soon afterwards, he died.What a pity!The traditions of his forefathers was too deep.He refused and had told the nurse that if he believed, who will burn the joss sticks if his mother passed away?Well this was an account of a person who did not believe because he had little time to understand.


The best way to make sure that we have a place to stay for the night in another town or city is to make early booking at a hotel of our choice, preferably a month before. Lots of people failed to do so and this ended up by searching all over town for a room. They started to blame themselves for not doing so. On earth we can still manage to get a place to stay without a booking but in the next life, if we have not book a place in heaven, there is only one available place called hell which needs no booking. That is why, the idea of booking is applicable if we want to be sure of a place in heaven!
The first thing that you can do is ask the person next to you whether he or she is a Christian or not.If he or she is, ask him or her about the name “Jesus Christ.” If he or she can’t tell you more, look for a Christian pastor. I f you don’t know, just go to any church service on sunday and ask to meet the pastor.He or she will be able to tell you more. In order to book a place in heaven, you must know this NAME and believe in Him. The Bible says, “Whoever believe in Jesus Christ, will be saved.”You see, heaven is for those whom Jesus had saved.Everyone has to make an effort to meet Him, and accept Him as Lord and saviour.Jesus Himself had said in John 14:6 “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.Noone comes to God the Father except by(through)Me.”>


Some people will surely say that they do not want to go to heaven.Some say they’re not interested.But before you say that, you must know what the Bible says about the other place call ‘hell.”Hell is reserved for the devil and the fallen angels who rebeLled against God and will be punished at the second Death.Those who did not accept Jesus will also be thrown in hell where
they will receive eternal punishment.The bible describes that place as a place of eternal suffering, gnashing of teeth because of pain etc..eternal fire that is never extinguished..maggots that never die.. a place of eternal torment.You see, Jesus came into this world to bring the good News of the Kingdom of heaven and that by coming, only He is able to bring salvation… salvation from the eternal punishment that God has prepared for the devil and all those who refuse to acknowledge and accept Jesus.The Bible says that ” it is destined for a man once to die and afterwards face judgement.”


Many people, through their preaching had caused a lot of doubts on people’s mind so much so that they confused instead of clarify what the Bible actually says. Jesus made it very clear that those who really believe in Him will inherit eternal life. True belief and faith bring a lot of transformation in a person because of the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit will testify to our spirit that we are God’s children and the feeling of guilt is lifted from the heart because of the operation of the Spirit.When the guilt conscience is eliminated by the Spirit, you will really know that you are saved. The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit makes it possible to live victoriously. Some doubts are created by some people who emphasizes on their on particular gifts…and taught that unless you have such gift, you will not go to heaven!We all know that everyone will be given the gift of eternal life if they believe in the Son of God. Are we saying that those who are not given the gift of speaking in tongues cannot go to heaven? Or are we trying to tell those who are not given the gift of music that they are not saved?

Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assuarance of faith having our hearts
sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having
our bodies washed with pure water (Hebrews 10:22)

Make every effort to live in peace with all men and be holy;without holiness no one will see God( Hebrews 12:14)


Many people are thinking like that. Those who are wealthy would not want to leave this world because of what they had accumulated.Those who enjoyed doing all kinds of things and enjoying life will not go for other places unless such places give them the same enjoyment. One sad fact is that, when we are so used to doing something that we like, we rarely want to change.

Whatever we are thinking, the place called “heaven” and “hell” will always remain there waiting for the day when we are to leave this world. Of course we should enjoy life on earth before we proceed to the next world, but we
must know that many of the things in this world will prevent us from wanting to go to heaven. The devil will do whatever he can to make us not see the reality of heaven and hell. He wants us to follow our own ways and not the way of the Lord. He wants us to think that heaven is not an interesting place.The devil wants us to forget about the life after death.What the Bible also say is that the
enjoyment that we have in this world is just temporary. Our big and beautiful houses, our wealth will not follow
us to the next world but our deeds will.We will have to bear the consequences for anything that we commit on earth.


Have you ever been sick before? When you were sick, did you enjoy the company of your friends?Did you go to play and enjoy yourselves? As far as we know, when we are really sick, we think of nothing but hoping to get well because we are really immobilized.

But hell will definitely be worst.Everyone will not be able to enjoy anything because of the intensity of the suffering.. and God knows how to deal with the devil and gives him what he deserves. Remember the rich man and Lazarus. Lazzarus was with Abraham and the rich man was suffering in hell.

A lot of people have written about hell. Some even have a visions of hell and were brought there to see what was in there.
If we are to enter a stadium, we must have a ticket or pass card, to be permitted to enter.In this world, we can easily cheat our way in even if we have no ticket or pass card.But when we die,don’t expect to cheat our way into the city of God.Jesus is our ticket or pass card which must be confirmed in the book of life,placed at the entrance of heaven!

A rich young man came to Jesus and asked what he must do to enter heaven.When he told Jesus that he had followed what Moses had taught, Jesus told him to sell what he has and give them to the poor and follow Him.
Now many people who had plenty of possessions are not really ready to part with what they have- unless they are true Christians. There are many rich Christians who are helping the church and they will surely be very rich in heaven too.When they give for God’s work and to the poor, they loose nothing because Jesus said that what they had given are infact stored up in heaven.Of course if they give with sincerity.Because of their generousity, God gives them even more.

But to some rich people, their wealth will attract their hearts. They will think little of God and heaven because they think, earth is their heaven already. They build beautiful mansions on earth and surround themsleves with the most up-to-date security system because they could afford them. That is why Jesus said that it is very difficult for a rich man to enter heaven. The rich man will not want to lose any of his treasures- he will want to keep it.When we want to keep our treasures for our own, we will keep our treasures for a time but when we die we will lose them and also our soul. We might lose and not be able to keep our treasures on earth but we will have them in heaven and keep our soul too.

Many Christians who had been given the previledge of seeing whats in heaven through visions and dreams mentioned of seeing beautiful MANSIONS up there! Jesus promised mansions for the saved, in the Gospel of John.No a friend of mine, recently was taken up in a vision and saw beautiful mansions given to those who had died. Their names are written above the buildings.Then he was brought into a beautiful building, so beautiful that he was awe-struck.The walls looked like gold.He was brought to the roof and saw that it was burned.The roof was burnt.He was told that the mansion belongs to him but the roof is not complete because he has not given enough to the work of God on earth.Beloved, remember the words of Jesus that whatever we give for the work of God will be stored up in heaven.


Some people are in no hurry to book a place in heaven.If they are not in a hurry, they might be saying that they will do so later.The reason they think this way is because they feel that they are healthy and young and they feel confident that they will no die so early.

But there are some who are really ignorant of the fact that the way they live now will affect their entry into heaven later.So they are not preparing for the afterlife.
They do not believe in God and commit their lives to Him.So they will laugh if you tell them to book a place in heaven.

And yet there are some who really forget to do the booking.This happens all the time.On earth, if we forget its okay-we can squat on the streets or in someone’s house.But once we cross the dark river… there is no unnamed mansion in heaven.If your name is not in the BOOK OF LIFE, there is no mansion for you. Every mansion has a name written on its door. The name on the door is like this….ST PAUL, MOSES….JOHN..TEBARI ……MEECHANG TUIE etc..

If Jesus comes tomorrow, those in the above category also will not pass the heavenly gate.Revelations says so.Proverbs also mentioned.Read the two books brother. The problem with loving the beer or other strong drinks is it has become your treasure and idol more than God! If you love God, you won’t even be thinking about these!And read that book (revelation of hell)written by someone.


We have received some testimonies of some people who had died for a moment and returned.Some had the previledge of being taken into heaven , through visions and dreams..and their account were some what similar. They said many of those who had died…still cannot enter through the gates of heaven because of unpaid debts on earth!Is it a coincidence that the Lord ‘s prayer mention about.. forgive us our debts?.. certainly not.Debt is a serious matter too and we have to be forgiven by those we had borrowed from or we must seek forgiveness from God. Things taken from others but were not return are also debts.


If we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord and Saviour we will be saved. In other word, if we decide here on earth to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour..then our decision is recorded in heaven. ASK JESUS TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN HIS BOOK. (Ask and it shall be given unto you).”You have made your booking my friend. 

God bless you my friend, till we meet in Heaven. 


We are like a boat or ship which is still anchored and cannot move because of the fact that it is still tied to the bank. There is still something taking our attention and therefore making us not looking forward to a life in heaven. We are like a kite, wanting to fly but still attached to a string. What are the things on earth that is holding us?