The church is an important body or assembly of people who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This group of believers make up the BODY OF CHRIST. As understood, our physical body is of different parts and of different shapes and sizes and of different function. But inspite of all these differences, each serve the main body and is equally important to the body and to the other parts. Hence no one part should claim, it is the most important of all. What use is a body that cannot move, if the legs is taken away?What use is a body without hands? Surely, it would not be complete.

The body of Christ, the Christians are of different gifts, of different races, of different cultures, of different origin and denomination, BUT each must believe in Jesus Christ and serve Him, just as our body parts serve the whole body. No one should consider himself or herself more important than ther other.

Our differences should not make us different than the others.

SO brothers and sisters, as we enter the church building every sunday services, we will bring all kinds of challenges or difficulties. But these challenges or difficulties are there for everyone to address. This is where we are trained to take care, to love and to minister for Christ. This is where we are taught to be patience, to be knowledgeable and to be more spiritual. This is where we will learn to walk in UNITY and in LOVE.

SO dear church, ifd you think your church members are a difficult group to handle, God is giving you the challenge to make you a greater leader or leaders! Never mind the gossipers, the accusers and the critics etc.. They should be there to make us more wise, and to depend upon God.


1. Culture and tradition
2. Politics
3. World system entering Church system
4. Lack of knowledge of function of Spiritual Gifts
5. Lack of love for God
6. Personal opinion.

7. Lack of the desire to evangelized.

1. When we talk about culture and tradition, we are talking about an already embedded way of life being passed from
    one generation to the other. In other way, a way of life that had taken root for generation. If you look at giant trees,
    that will speak volumes of the what age old culture and tradition will do in a person life. Deep rooted, mature and almost immovable
    or impossible to be uprooted. The church speaks of a new culture, a new way of life. A new life, from the old to the new.
    This is the main challenges indeed. For instance, people still get drunk and won’t let go the drink even though they said they are

2. Politics is perhaps a big problem because based on this, everyone is entitile to his or her choice or preference. He or she believes
    of the right to do this or that and to be part of this and that. If we read the Bible, black is black and white is white. The Bible speaks
    a lot about discipline and a discipline life. The Bible speaks against serving two masters. Politics is also about who is in control or who
    is in power. Political parties or affliation is often brought within the walls of the church. E.g Party A might want all the deacons to be from
    their group and not from the other group! 

3. The possiblity of the world system entering the church system is undeniable. While we need to incorporate good governance in church,
    we must know the danger of having wicked people managing a church. Philosophies of man is nothing in comparision to the teaching
    of God. A tree will not bear a different fruit at all. A sinful person will bear sinful deeds unless he is born again and changed.
    A blind man cannot lead another blind man.

4. The lack of knowledge of the function of spiritual gifts prevent a church from functioning well. In a church, God gives us different gifts of serving
    the church. There are people who are given the gift of music or praise and worship, hospitality, teaching the Word, prayer etc.. Normally, we
    will ask those given the gift of music/songs to lead praise and worship service, and those given the gift of teaching to preach etc.. If we ask
    person who has no skills in music and singing to lead praise and worship..that will prevent the church of blessings.. Infact, a peson who has
    certain gift has passion or love for that area of ministry. And therefore, they will love their ministry and will do it well.

5. The lack of love for God will definitely cause a person to be lukeworm in zeal for God. They are neither hot or cold. Many church programs never
    take of because there is little desire at all. But if we love God, we need no pushing or motivation. The reason why there is lack of desire is because thats not  their interest at all. Not their gifts etc.

6. Personal opinion is often misleading. Some people boldly says that what they say is from God and more often than not, what they say is their opinion.
    Some say, ” This is the will of God…” but in actual fact, it could be their own opinion or thinking. Of course, we can easily discern what is personal
    opinion and what is from God, but because some churches have strong personalities or characters, they will just follow regardless

7. The main objective of having a church building is not only a place where we congregate to worship God for nurturing and teaching but also for equipping towards spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without evangelism the church will not really grow and it is not obeying the great commission.


The main reason for the various problems affecting the church is lack of knowledge of the New Life or lack of knowledge of the Christian life. They have yet to grow
in the Christian life. The reason is because they do not read the Bible accordingly. The congregation must be encouraged to read and read the Word of God so that all the benefits of reading will be upon the reader. The Word of God will work in the Chrisian and mould him or her character, life etc so that they will be able to understand a lot of things. Then we will be like Isaiah who exclaimed, ” Woe to me, a man of unclean lips.” 

Many people are forcing their  passions for something upon people of different interest. This scare people away. If football is not my game, you cannot force me to play it because i just don’t have the passion for it. If all activities are centred around  football, the people who has no interest in football will just move away.   This is because we are not of the same ability or gifts. We cannot blame others for their lack of interest in what we are good at because we are just of different abilities. So if we are able to see this different, we will be able to solve most of our problems. 

So church leaders need to make a study of everyone common interest and different interest and adjust the church activities based on such findings. Never blame difficulties on ignorance, lack of love  etc  This will offend people.