Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Lately, non believers became Christians due to dreams. The reason is, the person or persons could not be reached by human effort due to oppostions and tradition of man. Death threats and brainwashing by certain belief had prevented some from knowing the truth. Therefore, God will intervene. That is why many people of other faith saw Jesus in dreams and become believer.”

I will pour my Spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see vision in those days…. (Joel 2:28)

” I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world.(Matthew 13;35

I spoke to prophets, gave them visions and told parables through them.(Hosea 12:10)
Dreams are a way that God speaks to us in a universal language.God always speaks or give answers to His prophets through dreams or visions.For your information, there are 628 passages in the Bible on the subject of dreams. The Old Testament’s definition of “dream” comes from the Hebrew word “Chizayon” meaning “a revelation, especially delivered through a dream, a vision.It is used 9 times in the Old Testament and 5 of them describe prophetic function.The new Testament word for dream is “onar” which means ” an inspired vision or revelation.”80% of dreams come from God, about 5% from the demons and the rest from ourselves.Dreams are an attempt of our inner-man or our spirit to communicate with us.One Bible scholar said that 628 passages, about the length of four gospels teach on dreams.
Unfortunately, many Christians live oblivious to the awesome knowledge that they can live in active communication with God through dreams.Joseph, Mary’s husband followed God’s direction through dreams.. a very fimiliar Christmas story.So if you really want to know know more about dreams, read “The power of dreams” by Dr.Tan Khian Seng of Singapore.
I have had a number of dreams and visions that had help me made important decision over the years.These were no ordinary dreams or visions….

Once I dreamed in a dream that I was in a clearing deep in a forest.In other words, the clearing was surrounded by trees. When I woke up from my sleep in the middle of that clearing..in my dream, I was shock to see snakes of all kind and sizes lying either dead or made weak, surrounding the clearing. And I spoke in my dream that if it was not because of God, I would have been swollowed by them because some of them were as huge as tree trunks.
I was at my home village during one of my holidays..very early in the morning while everyone was still sleeping, i was awakened suddenly.. and as I looked through the windowpanes, from my bed, I saw a speck of bright lights like a star in the sky… and I realized it was moving at great speed… towards me.. and all of a sudden I found myself lifted and flying within a beautiful concrete house..this time was like a dream… and as I floated in that house I asked God to tell me further… because I was brought to see something…but it only ends there..
In another dream, i found myself standing by a dark river and all of a sudden, a fish jumped into my left palm and I caught it. A few days later,I dreamed of another fish which jumped into my right hand this time. These dreams came to me before I was due to preached at a sunday service in another town. After I had preached, the church pastor whispered to me that a man wants to confess his sin and would like me to see him at the church office. I prayed for him after he had confessed his sins.

I was again asked to preached in another church and since our district superintendant was following the trip, I thought of asking him to take the slot but before I was to ask him to take over, I had a dreamed or some kind of a dream or vision- of three fish badly wounded with cuts all over the bodies as I touched them in the shallow water. Because of this dream I decided to preach that sunday. After the service a couple came to meet me and told me that the message had brought healing to their hearts.He told me he and the wife had been hurt since the death of their son and now they said that they need not be so bitter any more.Before that, one of the pastor also came to me to thank me for the message.

Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men…
In a dream, I saw some kids watching television.Then I saw a lot of snakes in the television.Then I felt that the devil was behind the set so I commanded him to come out. Immediately a huge cobra

Television has a lot of benefits but unfortunately, it is widely used to deceive and bring destruction not only to the young but to all who are addicted to the sets.The devil really made full use of it.

My beloved wife had an interesting vision during one of the special service in my church. The congregation was worshipping when she suddenly spoke loudly these words, “I see big flood all around and there are hands protuding from the dark water holding cans of beer, and cans of beer were also floating. People were drowning and crying for help to save them from drowning.”

After this, many gave their life to Jesus, especially those who had been under the bondage of alchohol.

In a vision, I saw that my car engine was very wet,of
oil.In the morning I checked the car thoroughly because
my family will spend our short holiday in a city called Kota Kinabalu, which is about 300km from the place we are staying. I prayed to God that no harm will befall my family during the trip. The car did not experience any problem while in Kota Kinabalu. But on our way back,when we were about 10 km from home, I decided to slow the car as we enter gravel road. The car slowed down. Then as I tried to brake the car again, suddenly the brakes gave way.
I stopped the car and opened the front to check the engine. To my surprised, the engine was wet with oil fluids. I thank God that it had not happened on the busy Kota Kinabalu road or on the good roads, otherwise I would have knocked somebody.

Pendita Lasan(one of the BEM missionaries) told me that before he came to Borneo, he saw himself in a vision, teaching in a bible school(Lawas Mission) in Borneo. 15 years later, he became a bible school teacher there.

The prophet Isaiah saw Jesus coming, over 700 years earlier.

Vision that we see ourselves in surely will happen.We just pray that God will lead us to it. I had visions of myself singing in all kinds of congregation and they happened.I also saw myself putting my finger in a person’s mouth and the person is able to speak but this has yet to happen. I also found myself flying over an island in the Indian Ocean and at the sametime, saw the Indian continent. This too will surely happen.But what I will be doing there, I am not to sure.

In a dream, I found myself driving my car.Then all of a sudden I was at the top of a tall building. Then I realised that the building was sinking slowly.So I raced down the stairs but many people were scrambling up the stairs instead.I reached a lower level and some white men asked me to pray with them. After that I continued to go down the stairs. When I looked down to the ground, hundreds of people were trying to find ways to jump to the top of the building.Others were scrambling up the stairways. As I slide down the stairs rails, I tried to cover my face so that no one can recognize me. When I reached the ground, many people saw me and ran towards me but I want to run away from them. I decided to fly or make a huge leap but some how, an unseen power stopped me and I have to face the multitudes, and I knew some of them. So I told them…. okay, I have time with you people! My dreams ends.

The Bible clearly points out to us that God speaks to His prophets through dreams and vision.No doubts some of the dreams that come to us are ourselves but some are surely from God. If we ask of something from God, He might use dreams to communicate to us, because from before God had been speaking through dreams and through parables.So often the visions or dreams sometimes comprised of symbols etc.

God spoke to King Solomon in a dream. He also told Joseph in a dream to go to Egypt with the baby Jesus because king Herod wanted to kill him.If we are to talk about dreams in the Bible, we have plenty.It is important to take heed to dreams because they are quite personal in nature.

Each time I have a vision, I experienced trembling or gentle shaking of my whole body.I also feel a special coolness over my body.When God’s thoughts enter my mind, I also experienced gentle shaking of my whole body. And during one of my singing at an Easter convention, my whole body trembled gently and I thought that I would fall.As I sang the song “Simon Peter”, some people started to cry.

I had been awakened from sleep in the early morning a few times, and immediately I was told, “God wants to speak to you,” then I will see visions.

The Christian’s encounter with God comes in many ways.When He opens our eyes to see visions and gives us dreams that will encourage us, we know He is watching us and allowing us to see a little of the One who is invisible.When our prayers are answered, we are having an encounter with Him who is invisible.Pastor Jack Hyles wrote,” sO YOU KNOW GOD GIVES US EXPERIENCES WITH HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE THROUGH HEARTACHES AND TRAGEDY.SO IN EVERY DEEP EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER HAD, I HAD TO CRY BEFORE I LAUGHED.YOU HAVE TO GO DOWN BEFORE YOU CAN GO UP;HAVE TO GET SAD BEFORE YOU GET HAPPY.

I f we are given a vision, God normally wants to tell us something about ourselves, unless He directs us to anoint, warn or help others.Otherwise, visions are mean to help us see ourselves or know about ourselves.Visions do gives encouragement to us because we have an encounter with God Himself.

I had a vision about my hair suddenly turning white. Not long after, I was to make an important decision on some critical matters. Why the white hair?God was telling me he will give me wisdom to decide something soon, and that was what happened. White hair signifies wisdom. The English judges must wear white wigs…as they sit in judgement.

I had also a vision of a serpent wanting to bite or attack me.If that happens, I know, evil will try to attack me.Someone could start a quarrel or try to trouble you.Snakes always represent demons or the devil.The Bible is quite clear about snakes or serpent.Usually these types of dreams or vision comes when you are going to do something important for God.The devil is not happy.


The bible is full of dreams and visions. Most of the Bible Characters get their message through dreams and visions. This is very important.

While God communicated with me through dreams and visions,
I have other dreams as well..If the cobra appeared in my dream, I know the devil is about to oppose what I do. I have never seen an evil spirit in any form except in the form of a snake.

I had also dreamed about an eagle, a huge eagle over our church late in the evening, years ago.Suddenly, three sticks were placed before me to throw at the eagle. When I throw the first one, the eagle moved up. When I threw the second stick, the eagle disappeared from my sight, but I knew it was still somewhere on the roof.I couldn’t throw the third one. But it was impressed in my heart to fast to get rid of the eagle.Mind you, something really bad happened to our young people after that, during their praise and worship, when I was not with them.And it took more than two weeks to get rid of the evil spirits.But dreams really can warn us.


dream tell us about ourselves too. Even if those are ordinary dreams, they do tell something about ourselves. They might warn us or inform us of our condition. We dream everyday, and most of the dreams we forget. Those that bring happiness or fear will cause us to think about it a bit longer. Some of my friends who buy lucky number dream the number too. If a person always think about something, he or she might dream about it. Sometimes trouble mind produce trouble dreams. But we will know which is dream from God and which is an ordinary dream.


dream tells me of God’s protection upon our lives. It shows to us that, we are constantly under the attention of the evil forces but because of God’s protection, the evil forces would not be able to destroy us. When I work up in that dream, and found that I was not harmed by the multitudes of weakened serpents that had appeared to want attack me, i uttered some words, which I found years later in Psalms 124: 3  which says,” If not for God, I would have been swallowed by these.” The dreams and visions tells me that God is at work in the spiritual realms that our carnal eyes cannot not see.  

Once we are shown of something in our dreams, we are able to thank God for what He is doing for us. One of the most frequent use media of communication by God to us is through dreams and visions.