July 2014

This year brought many unexpected things. Civilian airlines were shot out of the skies. Christians in the war zones were killed by muslim militants in the most wicked ways, some hanged. To add to that, such militants also killed their own and claimed their ways are the true one. Killing is rampant in the war zones where the devil is active. The communists too are doing their part to estinguish the Christian growth in China and Russia. They want to stop people from believing in God!

In the war Zones where there really is no dominant authority, militants kill others as they like. Such is human depravation when the fear of God is absent in man.

The devil is extremely active this year. So don’t get caught without Christ. This year could be the year when the believers will be taken up!


When i was in secondary school, we always receive a leaflet called “SOON”, which reminded us that
Jesus is coming soon. That was more than 40 years ago! We are still waiting. Yes we are still
waiting and that is what we should do. We should expect Him to come soon so that we are always
ready if He suddenly comes! The foolish women in the Gospel of Luke reminds us of the danger of
not being ready for His return. 

Another thing which might happen is, if God is yet to come, we might go to meet with God sooner than expected. Death lurks at every corner of our life!

Beware ! Don’t be like the people during Noah’s time. He told them of the coming flood but they laughed at him, telling him of such impossibility. But Noah immediately prepared for the flood.

 REALLY God is about to come. His coming is very near.

God certainly is coming soon by the look of what is going on.There is tremendous increase in violence and natural calamities everywhere in the world.
There is great opposition to the Gospel in other countries ruled by governments of other faiths. Every seconds, somebody is dying or is being killed.
Certainly some people are acting to eradicate other innocent lives, but Christian knows that eternity in heaven is theirs no matter what happen to them.

Our avenger is God when He comes or when those who persecute die themselves, they will found out who is really the true God.

For Christians who are truly Christians, what is happening in the world at this time does not worry us a bit because God is our refuge and heaven awaits them.
What we are concern is that many has not the opportunity to be saved.

God is coming soon but if He does not come that soon, WE COULD GO HOME TO HEAVEN SOON. Either way is profoundly important for us.

A lot of people are too concern when God is coming. They try to read the times. What is very important too is about ourselves. God might take our life soon, instead of Him coming. So if God is not coming soon, you might be going soon. ARE YOU PREPARED?


Repair your ship beloved and get everyone on board.In other words, get your house in order first and get your family into the Ark.Don’t think of going alone!

It would be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the second or third watch of the night…….You must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.(Luke 12:38-40)

God is coming soon because by the look of things, especially the increaseing wickedness and lawlessness,the days are numbered.If God is coming in a few years time, who would you like to accompany you to heaven?Your family members or others?Surely, your family is your first responsibility.God has given us our family, and it is the responsibility of the parents to evangelize their children first!>


If God is coming next year, what are you going to do with your beautiful houses and expensive cars?


Increasing calamities/ accidents/ death/ killings/ bombings /murders/ wickedness that happens every minute, reported or unreported is the signal that the earth is indeed very old already. The devil and his angels are increasing their activities and opposition to what is good is very stif. The devil is terrorising and to the devil, death will bring a lot of unsaved people into hell. Imagine suicide bombings that bring so many people to death.

But Jesus had warned us to read the times and prepare ourselves for His coming. I believe, God is coming very soon- and how soon, I don’t know, but definitely He will come.

In a village somewhere in the Sarawak highlands, someone had suddenly become vey quiet. Before this, he was always joking and often laughed at his fellow church members doing their chores. He gives sarcastic remarks which really point to the fact that he did not believe in God. He gives comments about God etc.. Because he had become very quiet and there was no more negative words from him, somebody asked him what had happened. His reply was, ” Standing there, was a vision of Jesus. He was quite big and He was looking at me, and then He disappeared.” This guy had changed because he had seen the vision. If we had not seen a vision of God or angels etc.. this doesn’t mean there is no God.Remember there is a God and He will surely come back.


The devil and his demons are really active nowadays.They are using governments to increase persecution by way of human-made laws. They are using people to commit crimes upon fellow human beings for no apparent reasons. The mark of the devil of course is to destroy human lives and now we are living in a world where the chief weapon used by the prince of darkness is death.Would God continue to keep quiet?

One of the devil strategies is to inflitrate the church and plant dissensions and divisions among the members.Members who are worldly in nature are sure to try to influence the church council to compromise with the world.Church life is the first target.Therefore, Christians must pray so that they are not asleep when Jesus comes.

Remember when one of the kings of Israel showed his treasure to the king of Assyria? The enemy saw what Israel had and came back to plunder the temple and the land of Israel. Giving the Church management to people who do not love the Lord will invite trouble for the Church. This is one way for the church to be destroyed from within.Church management is God’s business and no one who does not believe in God should be given the opportunity to be in the church council.


If you read the History of Israel since leaving Egypt, you will be astonished that God had been with them, and FIGHTING their battles. Their enemies might be so numerous but, God just turn their enemies against their own, and they destroy themselves, while Israel will do little. Their enemies were often against each other
and therefore being destroyed.

Is God able to do that today? Yes, and the Christians must know that they need not fight but pray and let God do the rest. Pray and be faithful to obey God and He will fight our battle against wickedness.