17th September 2005 – Invited to sing at Concert for Peace at Berjaya Times Square (7.30pm)
Kuala Lumpur.

18th September 2005 – Sang at Blessed Hope Church in Klang, Port Klang.

28/29/30th October 2005– ISCF Leadership Camp, Marudi Sarawak. Sharing on “The New Creation.”

19.11.05-His Sparrows invited to present songs at a wedding Dinner in Park City Hotel Miri.

27.11.05-Requested to sing at a pre-Christmas Dinner at Eastwood Valley. Sang three songs

09.01.06-I had submitted 2 of my songs from my Album, for an International Songwriting competition in USA and the two songs had advanced into the second round of
judging.More than 15,000 entries were being judged in this competition.The finalists will be announced end of this month.

22.01.06-Preaching and singing at a local church this sunday.

04.02.06 -Performing with His Sparrows at a Wedding reception at Parkcity Hotel.

05.03.06-Preaching at local SIB Church this sunday.

12.03.06-Sharing the Word of God at a local church in Limbang

July 2006.-His Sparrows is invited to present their songs in Bintulu and At Malaysian Evengelical College function (Miri).So all His Sparrows out there, please get
yourselves   ready.

8-9th Sept. 2006 -His Sparrows invited to sing at a Festival of Praise at SIB Canada Hill. A number of new sparrows had join in.

31.09.2006-Preaching at a local church.

28.10.2006-Singing at a fundraising

26.11.2006-Preaching at a pre-Christmas service at a Long House

2-3December 2006-Leading worship at a pioneering service at a local church in Limbang.

15-17 December 2006 -Balik Kampung services at Long Semadoh A

22th December 2006.–Leadng worship at Pre-Christmas service at a Church in the Highlands.

25.12.06–leading Christmas services at Long Semadoh (sEE THE NEW PHOTOS)

11.2.07–Preaching at SIB Bakong

07.04.07–Leading prayer at SIB Batu 3 Land

08.04.07 –Singing “AMAZING LOVE” at Erau Easter in Lumut

-Leading worship at TCF meeting in Miri

13.05.07-His Sparrows performing for mothers’ day

20.05.07–singing and preaching at a Church anniversary

17.06.07-His Sparrows singing at Pustaka Miri Hall in conjunction with Fathers Day


09.09.07- Preaching at a Pastor Appreciation Service at a Local Church

23.09.07-sang at SIB Taman Tunku

30.09.07 -With His Sparrows at a Prayer service at a local Church

14.10.07- Speaking at an FGA church in West Malaysia

4.10.07- His Sparrows to sing at a special service at a Church.

8.12.07 – His Sparrows singing at a wedding dinner at a Hotel

9.12.07- His Sparrows to sing at Dato Chua Ju Ming testimonial dinner/cum service at a leading hotel.

16.12.07 – Singing at Pre-Christmas dinner

26.7.2008- TCF Seminar and Dinner at Mega Hotel Miri.

5-7th.12.2008-  Youth 4 Christ Rally   at SIB Batu Empat, Lawas

7-8 March 2009- His Sparrows trip to SIB King Fisher, Kota Kinabalu.

28th June 2009- TCF Seminar and Dinner at Dynasty Hotel, Miri.

26 July 2010 – TCF SARAWAK CONFERENCE AND DINNER AT Imperial Hotel, Miri.

August 2010- His Sparrows at Revival meeting at SIB Lumut, Lawas.

10th Sept 2010- ISCF HomeComing Fellowship at East Wood Valley Hotel, Miri.

5-6th Feb 2011- Mare Ubur kuan Tuhan bang Buri Lun Bawang at SIB Lumut.

20th Feb 2011- Sparrows trip to SIB Bukit Jagus, Miri

30th April-1 May 2011- Sparrows trip to SIB Mendulong and SIB Bandar Raya Kota Kinabalu

09.07.2011- TCF Seminar and Dinner at Imperial Hotel, Miri

27.08.2011- TCFM at DUMC KL


9.12.2011- Miri City Christmas Parade

7.01.2012- Christmas Parade Thanksgiving dinner ( His Sparrows to sing)

21.01.2012- Poco-pocothon at MMC Field for ARC Church

14.07.2012- TCF Miri Seminar/TCF Dinner

09.09.2012- Performing at Wedding Reception.


14.10.2012- His Sparrows trip to BEM BAKAS

3.11.2012- Singing at a pre-Christmas Lun Bawang gathering at Grand Palace.

11.11.2012- Singing at a wedding Mega Hotel

01.12.2012- Miri City Christmas Parade.

22.12.2012- Singing at BEM Long Semado.


23.03.2013- ARC Church Fundraising Dinner at EastWood Valley.

May 2013- WEcare program ( LB students with His Sparrows)

20 JUNE 2013- Combined Christian Teachers Fellowship at Bekenu

14 JULY 2013 – Sparrows trip to BEM Seputi

20 July- Teachers Christian Fellowship Sarawak Conference in Limbang

SEPTEMBER 21-22. 9.2013 – A night with His Sparrows at SIBKL CENTRAL

DECEMBER 2013 Combine Christmas Celebration at Long Semadoh A.

08.02.14: Presentation at Gaya Lama Hall Lawas.

31.5.14-3.6.14;  Siem Reap ( International trip)

5.7.14 : Miri Teachers Christian Fellowship Dinner at Dynasty Hotel Miri

12.7.14 : His Sparrows visit SIB Pohon Batu, Labuan

04.9.14 : His Sparrows at Tanjung Malim, Perak

19.12.14: Earthbreaking Ceremony for Pdt Meripa/ Ganit Memorial Stone in Long Semadoh.

30.5.15-7.6.15 : Melbourne visit

05.9.15 – TCF Dinner Fellowship at Dynasty Hotel Miri

26.9.15 – To perform at Wedding Dinner reception at Boulevard Restaurant Miri

10.10.15: Fund raising dinner for MIM Lawas ( unable to go )

14.11.15- MEC Graduation dinner Miri

20.11.15- COUNTRY GOSPEL NIGHT at Eastwood Valley

19.12.15 – Unveiling of Memorial Stone in Long Semadoh, by Deputy President, SIB- Pastor Stephen Rining.

25.12.15- FGA Ipoh Christmas invitation ( Pending )

30.07.16- TCF Miri Teachers Day Celebration ( Dynasty Hotel)

25.11.16 – His Sparrows to sing at a Fundraising dinner at BEM COUNTRY LAND church- Kota Samarahan.

16.03.17 – His Sparrows to visit South Korea, and attend a Sunday service there.

29/30 April 2017- His Sparrows is invited to a christian concert at Uma Lesong in Asap, Belaga.

22.7.2017  – Performing at TCF Miri Fellowship at Dynasty Hotel.

17-23.3.18- Visit Taiwan

13-15/4/18- Visit to BEM Mukah and Dalat area

11.11.18 – Praise God, I had graduated with Master of Christian Studies from Malaysia Evangelical College.




SIB Medamit Church opening


His Sparrows singing at a wedding reception

Parade for Lun Bawang Festival

At Mount Murud Prayer Mountain during the early days

At a local Church in Bakong

at a youth concert in Marudi (27.05.06)