Visiting our former missionaries in MelbourneHIS SPARROWSHIS SPARROWS


coming events with His Sparrows

20.11.15 – Lets’ Sing event at Eastwood Valley Miri.

10.10.15 – MIM Fundraising Dinner, Lawas

26.09.15- Singing at a wedding dinner, Miri.

31May -7June 2015- Melbourne visit


14.9.14 – Rajawali Ministry at Canada Hill

24.8.14  – BEM Siputi

12.7.14    – Labuan

5.7.14      – TCF Dinner Miri

31-4.6.14 – Siem Reap Visits

20-23.9.13- A night with His Sparrows in SIBKL Central

31.8.13    – WeCare 2 

23.3. 13   – raising Dinner ARC

2.11.12    – Presentation at Lun Bawang Pre Christmas Dinner

10.11.12  – Presentation at Wedding Reception dinner at Mega Hotel



HIS SPARROWS is a Chrisian Band formed 3 years ago by a group of middle aged individuals working in and around the oil town of Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. The band’s name, HIS SPARROWS was given by a member of the band- Buing Selutan and is now a well known Christian band in Miri Town.


HIS SPARROWS comprises of Doctors, lawyers,bank officers,teachers and other professionals who meet once a week to sing together. There are 17 sparrows, each has an acoustic guitar and are able to sing country gospel.


Sometimes they call themselves “oldies revival band” because all are above the 40 years old mark. They are invited to sing at weddings , revival meetings and fund-raising dinners etc. Watching all 17 of them strumming their guitar unplugged or plugged are very uplifting for audience of all ages.

Any churches who wants to be uplifted in their faith may invite HIS SPARROWS to sing two or more songs in their services. Surely they can stir any oldies heart to praise God.

The sparrow is considered least of all the birds, and perhaps not beautiful. It is small and certainly not as elegant and strong as other birds.The sparrow is often the victim.The sparrows too go in numbers and they are straight forward.

These humble and least characters make the sparrows unnoticeable but they do make huge damage to farms because they will harvest the field first!

This band adopted this name because, eventhough they are not beautiful, elegant or strong, God still loves them. And they will join in the harvest, this time for God


No problem brother!But there are conditions!We only harvest in God’s field, I mean, if you sing christian songs in the church and later sing worldly hits in the night clubs well you are not yet ready. We only serve one master and not two.

Some of His Sparrows will be stationed in other towns. When the main His Sparrows come to such town, they can join the group.

At the moment, we are not collecting entry fees etc but eventually we have to contribute to do something useful example T-shirt, instruments etc..

You better get an acoustic guitar that cost more than RM1000.00 otherwise you will be out of place. Some guys have guitar that cost RM7,000.00. But don’t worry, if you can play other instruments- no problem.


Among the vast expense of the paddy fields, was a not so beautiful little bird.This little bird was brownish in colour.It had strayed from the group of about a hundred or so birds just like it.There was so much to eat that it had forgotten to follow the rest of the group.The deliciousness of the young paddy seeds was too much for the little bird that it was totally immersed in a world of its own.Suddenly,the bird realised that it was all alone.The paddy suddenly tasted sour when it found out that the rest of the pack had left.The sky was turning yellowish red.The poor bird trembled with fear at the prospect of sleeping alone among the paddy stalks which are quite dangerous at night.Snakes love little bird for dinner.It flew up above the paddy stalk to see around but there was no other birds to be seen.It must not be seen by the owl. Then he saw an abandoned sparrows nest among the paddy plants.At least, for a moment the little bird was happy to hide in the nest for the night. It did not sleep well the entire night.There were lot of things in its little mind. Nightfall came.Then it rained, fortunately not too heavy.”Tomorrow I will join the rest”, Thought the little bird, then the much waited sleep came.

Suddenly, the nest shook violently, waking up the little bird.It peeked out nervously, and saw the dark forms of a herd of buffaloes passing by, brushing the paddy stalks upon which the nest was built.If one buffalo strayed slightly, that would be the end of the little bird.Then there was silence after the last animal had passed by.But the sparrow could not sleep anymore.Then, it heard the most waited sound of early dawn- the cock crows.The cock crows gave hope into its weary body and very soon, day light will arrive. And at sunrise, it will soon be in the company of his friends. At day break, the sparrow waited for the familiar sounds but there was none. Its little heart got weaker and weaker due to loneliness and despair.Then as the lone bird was about to close its weary eyes, suddenly the flapping sounds of many wings were caught in its ears. He jumped out nervously and looked out …lo.. there were hundreds of sparrows flying above.The sight shot renewed strength into its little body and all of a sudden, it found itself flying among the familiar crowd!

That’s it. Without the other sparrows, he was weak, unmotivated, undirected and worst of all, lonely and miserable. With the company of many sparrows, he found friendship, love, renewed strength and regeneration.

So are you a lonely sparrow who lost the will to whistle a beautiful melody and whose wings are yet to touch the early morning mist?Are you one who thinks that you are a nobody and that noone cares about you?

Strum a guitar brother- especially the Timothy Guitar, you will sure to find a melody deep down inside you..as the river of life brushes the many strings deep down , the beautiful melody will surely touch a soul somewhere!


I want to make it very clear to His Sparrows fans and anyone connected with His Sparrows to know this. HIS Sparrows means God’s Sparrows. This is different from the other sparrows flying here and there. His Sparrows no longer steals padi from the poor farmer or from anyone.His Sparrows are helping in God’s ministry. The other sparrows will change if they see the good examples set by His Sparrows. His Sparrows must try to get the other sparrows to join the Lord’s band through songs and music and good testimony.

What can kill a sparrow?

I am not really sure of what can kill a sparrow but loneliness can lead to the demise of one. Loneliness makes it unsure of the horizon around.This will make it make unwise decision because there are no other sparrows to turn too. A sparrow will not sing if alone. But if they are many, they will be happy. Songs usually emerge from a joyful heart.


One type of acoustic electric guitar that I recently bought is perhaps the best that i have played so far.It sounds like a taylor but its louder and cheaper.It costs slightly more than RM3180.00.The name is Timothy and is made in Singapore.If you don’t believe me, try one in KL or Singapore.


Jesus mentioned about streams of living water flowing within those who believes in Him. I mean who really believes in God.He mentioned the streams as representing the Holy Spirit. Christian singers play an important role in letting the streams flow into others through the songs that they sing for God. Once the spirit is touch by the Holy Spirit, true worship begins and that is when the streams will start to flow and bring blessings to others. So don’t give up brother. Sing, sing, sing until we eventually go to heaven… and we will sing up there too.

The parable of the talents in Mathew 25 is reminding all who are given spiritual gifts to use the gifts and multiply the number of people being brought into the kingdom.The more talents the more number of people are supposed to be saved.But some of us might have buried his talents in the ground!

Everyone has talent.Talent in some skills.Able to play guitar better than some.Able to do something better than the others.But it will remain a talent until we start to use it for God’s glory.When we use our talents for God’s glory, then it becomes a gift.God gives the gift so that such gift is passed on to someone else.His Sparrows are no expert in singing or playing the musical instruments.But our objective is to encourage people to praise God, and to tell people to stir the gifts that is in them.We want to proclaim about God through music and songs.We are not preachers but through the songs we are doing a bit for evangelism. 


His Sparrows’ ministry had brought them to many churches and events, all for the glory of God. They are not paid! They are invited to sing praises and give personal testimonies. They have been involved in most of Lifespring activities such as Youth for Christ Rally, Revival meetings, Christian concerts, wedding diners, Christian Fellowship gatherings etc

If your church needs motivation and inspiration, invite them!

His Sparrows are on the move. From the 31.5.14 to 4.6.14, they will be in Siem Reap for outreach ministry. On the 5th of July, they will sing at Miri TCF dinner and on the 12 July, will be in Labuan for a Fundraising dinner.