Man must know that every human beings want to live in peace and would not want to be disturbed etc. He has the right to live in peace and be able to exercise his freedom. No one should victimised him in whatever form. With regards to death- that is God’s perrogative.

Since Adam and Eve, man wants to be independent, and wants to follow his own inclination. Most are always doing something in conflict with what God wants of mankind. Man always wants to have his or her own way. He rebels against his Maker.Thus man sins and continue to sin. The wages of sin is death.

Man desire is of the flesh, to satisfy the desire of the flesh. God is Spirit and the desire of the Spirit is what God wants of man to follow.

Man’s desire to do whatever that pleases him is not often accepted by God as written in the Bible. God has made it clear that Man must obey what is written in the Bible.

The problem now is, some refuse to acknowledge God and the Bible and thus insist that they can do whatever they wants to do- for instant the issue of marriage. Hence
man is trying to insist his rights against God’s way.

Suppose that all the murderers in the world set up an association to insist that they have the right to kill? Suppose that all the robbers and thieves demonstrate that they should not be put in jail because it is their right to steal?

Can we go against our creator? We can hide but for a while. We can shout but for a moment. Death is not too far away from the humankind. At the end of our days on earth, we will be standing in front of the almighty God and behold He will ask, “Can you tell me again, your right?”


There is no freedom unless we know and accept the truth which is found only in Jesus Christ. The Bible says “know the truth and the truth will set you free.” So what is the human mindset nowadays is if they are out of the church and not a Christian, they think they are free thinkers and hence out of God’s ways. They think they are in another world where they will escape the punishment of the after life. Well, for our information, the punishment that awaits all human is for those who does not accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. So where is the freedom? People are so smart nowadays, putting various shields to support their claims but we all know is that whatever is there, if our trust is out side Jesus, they are false claims.They are giving themselves false security. From time immemorial, no man has not died!If man need to be reminded, he needs to be reminded that death is there to check man’s foolishness of not humbling himself before his Maker.

Many of the laws of christian nations are based on Christian principles and laws but now as the governments are slowly being intergrated by worldly philosophies or principles, various people are taking a bite at the old laws saying that these laws are restricting their rights and need to be removed.

The world is moving fast, changing at astonishing speed, but still man hasn’t find the way to stop death. God is always the same, yesterday, today and forever. He won’t change a bit, eventhough man insists that he must change along with the times.

The ancient of days, will always be there waiting for us. If we really want to know what freedom is, Jesus is the answer.


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who puts darkness for light and light for darkness, who puts bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.(Isaiah 5:20)
The marriage referred to in the Bible is between man and woman.They are called husband and wife.They may have offspring or are expected to- thus they will have children.
The bible did not mentioned gay marriage or same sex marriage.Priests or Pastors etc.. who presides over such marriage obeys the desires of man and not of God.That is why such people insist on their own human rights but not God’s will.

Because Man wants to do what pleases himself, he claims it as his rights.So the desire of the flesh is translated into the rights of the flesh to do what it wants to do to satisfy the flesh.The thieves, the robbers and the rapists couldn’t push their activities into legal rights because everyone thinks that what they do are too bad.The others are not too bad, so they are accepted based on public opinion or those concern make plenty of noise to get attention.

Man becomes self centered and his will over ride God’s will for mankind.Self centeredness is sin but the non-Christians care less of what the Bible says. Wealth and riches often blind us to the truth.The writer of the epistles of John mentioned that the powers of the dark world have made them blind  and therefore they cannot see the light or the truth.This really is very unfortunate when every one does not care about the salvation of these people.

If we really want to talk about human right, we must insist on the right of everyone to hear the word of God and the right to practice our belief in God.If we are in authority, we should not make decisions that prevent others from knowing Jesus Christ.


God is the defender of the weak, the defendless, the widows, the afflicted and the orphans. He is also the defender of those who believe in Him. Therefore we must know that our God is a God of mercy and justice. Likewise, we must be merciful with those who are unfortunate and incapable of defending themselves. We should avoid taking advantage of the weaknesses of others.

We read in the news of some brick factories in China which forced other human beings to work like slaves for them.They were beaten if they refused to work.If they escape, they would be caught and brought back to work.Children being kidnapped to work against their will.Why is some people doing all this kind of things to their fellow human beings?

Man’s heart has always been like that since the beginning- wanting to make use of the other for their own gain.Some manipulate others for their own benefits. They squeeze others dry in order to be rich.They dictate others lives and make decisions upon the life of other fellow human beings.Some even take the life of others because they did not follow or agree with what they want.Why such behaviour happen to the human race?

The devil is mentioned by God as the destroyer who is bent on destroying what God had created.The devil is behind all the evil things that we do to other innocent human beings or animals. When we kill other people just because they refuse to agree with what we want, we are evil.Why?Because everyone has their choice to live and make choices.Whether the person is a king or a slave, they will stand before God and face the consequences of their action upon the others.

God will be the judge of every little act that we commit upon the lives of others, and there is no escape.


We must protect ourselves from being murdered or killed. Safety is very important. God don’t give us life just like that. He wants us to live a good life which requires Safety aspect. When God do not want us to drink strong wine, it is  a lot to not get ourselves to bring damage to ourselves. The right to live means we must think of our safety by making sure that no one kill us that easy. We must protect ourselves from would be robbers or murderers.

Looking after our safety and health enable us to serve God well. We must know where we are safe or not. Many people and our own family depend on us so our life must be taken care of for the sake of other people. So we must always pray for safety or protection.