When Jesus was lifted up into heaven, He left for us HIS NAME, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HIS WORD(THE BIBLE)!You must be wondering why Jesus left His Name. There is power in His Name!That is why we pray in Jesus’Name.Secondly, He gave to us the Holy Spirit- another counselor to help us in our faith and to help us understand the Word of God.That is why the Word of God-the Bible is such an important book!It is the bread of life.Just like our body cannot live without food and water, so is our new born again spiritual life which will not survive without the Word of God. The Word of God is the breath of God in our life!If you are a Christian and yet you don’t like to read the Bible, then you really did not believe in God and love Him.Because anyone who love God loves the Bible.


1. It is the WORD of God in written form!The Word of God had to be written for a number of reasons.Once something is in written form, it is not easily manipulated or altered according to the whims and fancies of man.God says that the world will pass away but His Word will never pass away.It is no ordinary book because it is the book of life.Besides, it is the best selling book in the world.

2. It is the sword of the Spirit(Hebrews 4:12). The devil fears it.It pierces into the deepest and hardest of heart.The Word of God is used as a weapon in spiritual warfare.We cannot fight the power of darkness without it.We cannot fight our own world desires without it either.Without the Word of God we are powerless to what is around us.

3. It purifies(1 Peter 1:22) the mind and the heart!The Word of God is like a fire(Jeremiah 23:29).Nothing is hidden from the Word because evil and good cannot mix.It will separate the good things from the bad things in our lives!It will burn up the perishable from our hearts. Without God’s word in our heart, we will never be able to keep ourselves from sinning. David says that he had hidden God’s word in his heart so that he will not sins against God.The word of God is like a seed for it is alive and will grow.

4. It is like a hammer(Jeremiah 23:29) which will destroy the hardest stronghold.No man can withstand if God starts to knock the strongholds or bondages within him. We might have the hardest of heart but once God begin His work in us, everything will be broken.

5. It is like water that cleanses(Eph.5:26) the Church which happen to be us who believe in God!Many people forgot that we need water to clean ourselves everyday.It is an everyday process, not once in a life time.Paul says that the Word of God is like water that cleanses the person.So we need to read it everyday to ensure that the Word of God cleanses us.

6. The Bible is a living Word(Hebrews 4:12).It will work in anyone who reads it.It is unlike any other book.The Word of God is life itself for it will lead us to eternal life in Jesus Christ.The Holy Spirit moves through His Word and our lives will be changed once we decide to read and meditate upon the words of the Scriptures.

7. The Lord speaks and the people are healed.In other words, the Word of God brings healing to anyone who trust in the Lord.It brings salvation to the lost soul.It is able to revive and renew us.

So if we are serious of following Christ, we must be engaged in Bible reading and study.Many Christians never experience victorious Christian lives because they seldom read the Word of God and keep it in their hearts.

The words of God gives wisdom to the believer.The believer is given wisdom to manage his life accordingly.Many people acknowledge that the Christians are a happy people who seemed to be contented with what they have.They are able to manage their lives even in difficult situation.

God’s Words brings blessing upon our lives. King David said that God’s word is good.Yes, God’s word brings a lot of good to those who loves God. If we really love God, we will definitely want to read the Bible because we will really want to know Him. If we say that we love God but never really read the Bible, I think we are lying to ourselves and God.

I told a close friend that if we really want to hear God’s voice and converse with Him, we need to go for righteousness and the truth and that is to fill ourselves with God’s Words. Without holiness, no one will see God.This is a secret isn’t it. But it is true.

The Bible is the Word of God.If we want to meet with our God and listen to Him, then we should be reading His Word.People of other faith became Christians after they read the Bible and met the Christian God.When we read the Bible we are allowing ourselves to listen to God speaking to us.We are humbling ourselves by allowing ourselves to follow the teachings of the Scriptures.

It is really unfortunate for anyone to depend on others to tell them what the Bible says- if they can read.If we depend on the priest to tell you about the word of God, he might not tell you all.He might try to please you by telling some nice words in the Bible and avoid the warnings part.He might avoid telling you about the dangers of sins etc..

That is why we need to read the Bible ourselves. Then we are able to see for ourselves what the Bible actually says and make amend.

Try to read the Bible and you will never be the same.

1.”The word of the Lord is offensive to them;they found no pleasure in it.”(Jeremiah 6:10)
The Israelites according to God, through the prophet Jeremiah find no pleasure in the Word of God.They don’t want to listen.They closed their ears, so they cannot hear.To them God’s word is offensive.Hence one of the reason for people not wanting to read the word of God is because they found its content offensive, not to their liking; always rebuking and telling them that they are wrong etc..So they just don’t want to read the Bible.Some refuse to go to church because they just don’t want to hear God’s word being spoken.In other words, those who refuse to read do not want to be reminded that they are sinners.They don’t want to be told, because the human nature is, personal pride.They won’t accept people telling them what to do even though what they are doing is not good.They had witness the miracles from God but they just didn’t bother.They are just trying to live their own lives and live as they pleased. But the BIBLE says (In Hosea 4:6) that “my people are destroyed because they lack knowledge..” In fact they refused to know!They just don’t want to know.The Bible also help to warn us so that we do not perish.

Some Christians don’t want to read the word of God.They spent their time giving all kinds of “christian talks” but they seldom refers to the Bible verses.

So people just avoid reading and listening to the word of God because they are offended.They just don’t want to be offended.They want to live their lives without God’s interferance.In the end, when they meet with all kinds of problems they just don’t know how to overcome them.Some people prefer to perish in hell rather than wanting to know how to be saved.

Not reading the Bible is like not giving your christian life the necessary food. We eat rice, meat and vegetables to meet our bodily needs.We read the Word of God to feed our spiritual body.

The reason why many christians are not living the christian life is because they shut the Word of God in the closet!

I must admit, I only take my bath twice a day. In the morning before I go to work and in the evening. Only two times.But taking our bath is a natural thing to do because we want to be cleaned all the time. Imagine, if we do not take our bath, we feel so sticky and smelly.We feel uneasy.That’s right. So to ensure that our body is clean so that we feel comfortable, we wash ourselves regularly.

Reading the Bible is like cleaning ourselves everyday. Frankly speaking, I read the Bible once a day, either in the morning or evening.That is not enough.Our spiritual life needs cleansing everyday.Without reading God’s word for a day will be just like if we don not take our bath for a day. Just imagine!

Before I got married I loved to read my girl friend’s letter.Then she became my fiancee. Her letter I read over and over because of my love for her.We, as Christians should have so much love for our God that we will love to read His words everyday.

By reading the Word of God, the love of God is made complete in us( 1 John 2:5). There are so much hate and disatisfaction in this world today, even among christian brithers and sisters.Just listen to all the “friendly talk” or gossips after services, during home fellowship or in the coffee shops.There is much talking about the sins of others.The reason is, if we know the right from wrong, we must also practice walking in love.The greatest thing in the world is WALKING IN LOVE, as being analized by Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.Not spiritual gifts, not sacrifice, not charity, not faith or hope, BUT LOVE. All the others mean nothing without the exercise of LOVE.

So how to begin walking in LOVE.Get it from the true source- God, for God is love. Read.. read…the WORD OF GOD. Love God first by knowing Him through His WORD.When we do that, that love will be made perfect in us.

Many Christian forgot that the Word of God has the power to convict people of their sins.Many people became Christians by just reading the Word of God.If we cannot reach out to people through the word of the mouth, distributing the Word of God to those who couldn’t be reach is good enough because the Bible will speak to those who ever read it.


The Word of God sanctify us ( 1 Peter 1:22-23). It is like water to cleanse us. It is like a mirror for us to look at ourselves. It burns wicked desire and separates the good from the bad. The bad charracter that we have will be moulded and corrected so that we become more and more like Jesus. Without reading the Bible, we will not have to chance to grow in grace and to grow in holiness. The purpose of the Word of God is to sanctify us so that we will be able to see things of God which is hidden from those whose heart is far from God. The new life in is only sustained by the Word of God. The faith of a person depends on what he read in the Bible.

How can we say we know God without reading the Bible enough? The Bible tells us about God and to know God we have to read the Bible.

How can we say we are obedient to God when we seldom read the Bible to know what God wants us to do? In Malachi, God says that we “Rob God” if we don’t give our tithes! Do you know that, unless you read the Bible.


WHO is willing to go somewhere without looking for direction? To know about heaven and how to get there, the Bible will answer our questions. I would rather listen to Jesus Christ than mere human who haven’t been to Heaven. Jesus declared that He is the Son of God and is from heaven and later rise to heaven. I would rather listen to Him than to someone who haven’t been to heaven. If we have to ask someone about London, we will listen to anyone who had been there, don’t we? I don’t think you will ask someone who haven’t been to that place. That is why the Bible is such an important book. Since our final destination is Heaven, or hell, we better read the Bible.