ISCF students pray
ISCF students pray


(Schools in Malaysia can set up non-Islamic clubs provided there are at least 15 non-muslims in the school. A circular was issued
by the Malaysian Education Ministry last month. Such clubs can apply to the school principal who can give permission for such
club to be set up. Parents must ask for such to be set up.)

Why involved in ISCF?

Joining Christian Fellowship in schools or colleges is a continuation of church fellowship where we worship God. We must always worship God, be it at church, at our work place or place of study. In this way, our faith grow to maturity. God blesses everyone who worship Him regularly. Students must fear God and must love to worship God because they need God providence, especially in their studies. Only God can give us the skills and abilities. He is the one who provides for all our needs. I f you are sick, you do not go to anyone. You will go to the doctor. Spiritual needs is from God. Blessings and wisdom are from God. Our future or our tomorrow belongs to God. I had never seen a faithful ISCFer fail their examinations. Fearing God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.


The setting of ISCF is an opportunity for Christian students to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. There are benefits of course such as, the Christians students are helped to grow in their faith, able to learn the Bible, able to share and lead the others. ISCF is for all students of different denominations coming together because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The roles of Christian teachers are to lead and help the students in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is always important for all the Christian students and teachers to be united and to work together in the schools.

Christian students perform well in their studies and are well disciplined. They are often very responsible. Most schools’ prefects are made up of Christian students who are seen to be very reliable and responsible. Since they love God, they will shun irresponsible actions such as truancy, vandalism, quarrels and thefts. It is therefore very important to have ISCF in any school. That is why, to have ISCF in school is of great benefit to any school.


ISCF is interdenominational.Students who are from any christian denomination can join this fellowship.In an ISCF meeting, certain are carried out, depending on the creativity of the Christian teachers. The students often lead the ISCF services and the teachers teach them words from the Bible.Some are sing along, camps, convention, outreach, outing, picnic, Bible study, concert, music practice, games and visits.
Few parents want their children to join ISCF because they are not aware of what ISCF can do for an individual student. A part from learning and knowing more about their God, the students learn to be responsible, well-mannered and respectful.Their time is well spent for they do things which are more lasting and eternal.
If the student is not joining any religious activities or association, you can imagine what he will learn to fill his time.The human being can only improve to be a good person if he knows and fears a much greater power- God. If a person does not believe in any God, he will live a wild kind of life without any fear and limit to what he will do.Even his parents he will not have any respect or fear.He will think that he can do anything he likes.But a person who knows God will be more careful about life and the life beyond.
Hence, ISCF is not only good for any school but good for the individual student and his family.It is important for national peace too.Prohibiting ISCF in school will not help students discipline.
True personal starts from within the person.Only God can do that.

There are somethings, I may not know
There are some places I can’t go
But I am sure, of this one thing
That God is real, for I can feel deep within

My God is real, real in my soul
My God is real, for He has washed and made me whole
His love for me, is like pure
My God is real for I can feel Him in my SOUL

I cannot tell, just how you feel
When Jesus took our sins away
But since that day, yes since that hour
He has been real for I can feel His holy power

Wisdom from God is needed at a very early age, especially for children and students. Lots of parents leaves others to teach their children citing busyness and business.Hence, the children are not taken care of properly. The school is the place where these children are group together and the opportunity to help them make the correct choices in life is of utmost importance. The reason why many of us suffer in later life is because we had made poor decision when we were in school. We did not care about our studies when we were in school so we cannot make it to the university. We loved to steal and eventually we ended in the prison.Nobody told us about God so our lives became a living mess.
The book of Proverbs reminded us that “Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom.”Before we fear God, we must know who God is.So someone need to tell us who God is. That is why, the role of Christian teachers is to make Christ known to these students so that with God given wisdom, they would be able to make the correct decision in life.Fearing God is the beginning of knowledge. God will bless the students in their studies if they are able to put God first in their lives.Yes, the ministry in the school is unlike any other. The students are there ready and waiting. WHO WILL GO AND TELL THESE YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT GOD?Will you be able to say, like the prophet Isaiah who cried…HERE I AM, SEND ME!”


Our Christian teachers are often very busy.If there are few Christian teachers, they will have little time for the ISCF because in most schools, Christian teachers are very committed to their profession.

That is why the ISCF committee is formed.The Committee’s function is to organize the ISCF activities and get the teacher’s endorsement or support.What the president or chairman of the ISCF do is to call for a meeting of all the committee members and come up with a plan of action for the whole year, in the form of a calender of activities. They will discuss who to invite( teachers or SU staff worker in the area). Besides, some of the activities recommended are:-

1. Sing along (praise and worship).
2. Bible study (teacher/SU Staff worker)
3. Retreat (go to a waterfall or Taman negara)
4. Join service ( with other ISCF group)
5. ISCF Camps/convention (Get help from teachers/SU
6. Public service ( cleaning the school toilet or planting flowers around the school( under the guidance of teacher).The Pengetua will be pleased.
7. collecting new Christian songs and putting them into a song book for sale.
8. Making bookmarks ( Christian verses) and sell to ISCF
9. Visit other ISCF or places of interest.
10. Telematch/games

The committee can think of raising fund to enable the ISCF to carry out its activities.


During my school days, we loved singing choruses and hymns.Even now, after more than 40 years later, I still can by-heart most the songs I sang when as a student.The youth nowadays are the same.Song of praise and worship draw the youth closer to God.Singing really attract them and will help them to remember God. No doubt, reading the word of God is of utmost important but the youth should sing more at an early stage.Eventually, as they become more focuss, then the Bible study programmes should come in slowly. There are songs which are Scripture verses.Singing such songs will help the youth to know the words of God.

I’ve found out that many of the youth nowadays are exposed to all kinds of obscene materials and language, especially those in the rural area. Perhaps watching VCD etc.. had made these youth use foul and dirty words.If nothing is done to get them away from these obscene VCDs, in no time their hearts will be filled with all these dirty things.

Bible study is one of the most important activity in an ISCF meeting.Our faith must stand on a firm foundation, given the fact that young people are easily influence by what they come into contact with.The Word of God enables us to live a stable and fruitful Christian life.The young students need to know God in a personal way, since emotion during this period of a teenager life is quite strong.When we read the Bible, the Word of God brings life into our inner being.It brings life and help us to lead a life that pleases God.Young people loves to sing. Singing is an attraction to them since they hear music all the time.But the Word of God will be a seed that will grow with time.The Word of God is life, that is why Bible reading is a must for any teenager!


When i go to heaven in the future, i know that there will be many people who will meet me up there and who will “say thank you” for telling them about Christ. They will be credited to my account. That would be a wonderful testimony. Just imagine, you have the current opportunity to bring the students to Christ and they will remember your good deeds too. What ever you did to bring these students to Christ is not in vain. We have such an opportunity for God. 

Are you teacher who does not care about taking care of Christian students? How many people will crowd around you in heaven? One, two or hundreds or thousand? or none? I won’t dare to stand in front of God with no one telling God of what i had done for Him.


Some of my ISCF students had become pastors because they love the ministry when they were in schools. There are many activities that can help them to make decisions to serve full time:

1. Most ISCF fellowship will train the students to pray, lead worship, study the Bible and share. The advisor will only share once in a while.

2. Out reach. Students can visit churches during the holidays. This is a very important activity. It not only give some important training to the students, but it will help to activate the youth of the churches the students visit.