There is one who will not allow us to have peace and that is the devil. If God is in us, we will always have peace even though we are at war with the devil. When we know that God the Almighty is with us all the time, we will be at peace. However, we have our constant enemy which is our old self or nature. We have running battle with our old self untill we die or leave the body. If we had defeated the devil, we are still living next to our old self.


“Peace is not the absent of war”  and we always hear about this from famous thinkers and philosophers today.  But towards the end of King David time, when he was too old to go to war, God gave him peace on all sides. He died at a ripe old age. Unlike other kings, who were either removed or assasinated. Those who did what God commanded we able to finish their days well. True peace actually is from God. When God dwell in our hearts, we will have true peace. 

Righteous life brings us peace. Humility brings us peace. Simple life of contenment brings us peace. Kindness and patience enable us to avoid conflict. Jealousy, hatred, wickedness and all kinds of sins and selfcentredness will chase away peace. Without God there is no real peace. 

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God(Matthew 5:9

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” (1 corinthians 14:22)


Who are our neighbours?Our neighbours will be anyone living about us; be they of other races, religions,or cultures; be they those we hate or love. They are our neighbours.We, as Christians should be at peace with our neighbours. Let our light shine so that those around would know the light and benefit from it. Jesus commanded us not only to love God but to love our neighbours including our enemies ( Matthew 5:44-45) so that we may be sons of our Father in heaven. One reason why we should love others is because God not only love you or me but the others as well, who are also His creation.


A new command I give you:love one another..”(John 13:34-35.)
Many Christians only love those of their own congregation.Those beyond the wall of their church building, they do not.If you are going to observe some Christians nowadays, they form their own cliques, groups
etc.They have their own enemies and they talked bad about others. This is an indication that they do not like those they talked about. It is easy to love those who loves u s but not easy to love those we don’t like.

But if the Spirit of God is in us, then we certainly will be at peace will one another. The fruits of the Spirit is LOVE,JOY AND PEACE. If God dwells in us, then the fruits that we bear should be LOVE, JOY AND PEACE.


This is the first commandment.When we really love our God, we will love what He has created; fellow human beings, other living things and plants etc. God is love and so in order to be more like Him, we have to have love His creation.

People destroy one another because of the lack of the true love. Because of greed for wealth, power and fame many people manipulate others.They are relentless and abusive and merciless. They treat others like animals etc. as long as they get what they want. God makes it very clear in Isaiah 48:22 which says, “there is no peace for the wicked.” If we take other people lives and do evil to others, we will not find peace at all.

True love which Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 13 is patient and kind, does not envy or boast,it is not proud, not rude or self-seeking,not easily angered,keep no record of wrongs.It does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and perseveres….for the greatest is Love.

So if you want to know why God sacrifice His Son Jesus Christ then it is because of His great love for us. He wants all of us to find salvation from the wrath that is to come. He has shown to all mankind that there is no other ways to find peace but through love.

“Do everything in love.”(1 Corinthians 16:14)

“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds and to be generous and willing to share.” 2 Timothy 6:18)

To do good and be generous and willing to share are acts of kindness.There is no laws against kindness.


The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undesturbed places of rest.”(Isaiah 31:17-18)

A life of wickedness will find no peace because God says there is no peace for the wicked.Those who choose to live in the truth, in righteousness and holiness will find peace with God.To live in the truth means to live in the care of our Lord Jesus Christ, to be just and to live according to the word of our God.God will look after them.His angels will camp beside them. Yes God will look after them day and night.Blessed are those whose God is the Lord.

Evil always attract evil.We act unjustly to other people, we will be without rest ourselves knowing that the evil deeds might backfire. God says that there is no peace for the wicked. When we act justly, we know that others will be pleased with us, so is our Father in heaven. To act justly, fairly and accordingly with people earn their respect, friendship and blessings. We abuse or manipulate others, we will earn curses and revenge.

How to have peace with others

True Christians have little or no problem with others because of the indwelling Holy Spirit who produces the fruits of the Spirit- such as love, joy, peace, faithfulness, meekness their hearts.

i. Our love for others make us kind hearted and merciful even if others have brought us difficulties.

ii.When we have God’s love in our hearts, we tend to be forgiving and therefore do not keep hatred or any grudge.In this way, we avoid hurting other people.

iii. Ever ready to help others is bound to generate goodwill and friendship, which is the essence of peace itself.

iv. The spirit of giving will help to create an atmosphere of peace and friendship.


Jealousy is often caused by restlessness in ourselves
such as not happy when somebody is better, richer or more popular than us.This discomfort breeds ill feelings and could ripen into evil deeds or actions.
A simple life will prevent us from comparing ourselves with others. If we have the basic needs such as food, shelter etc.. then, we need to learn to be satisfied with what we have. This is very important. We must learn to spend within our means and to avoid making decision that will contribute anxiety and difficulties. Be happy with what we have.Jesus reminded the disciples to be contented with what they have because their riches will be in heaven when they do all they can for God.Pastors, evangelists who work for God are indeed multi-millionares in heaven, eventhough they have very little on this earth at present.

Humility enables us to lead a simple life that avoid confrontation of any kind with others.Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.


Living a simple life prevents us from comparing and competing with others.To be contented with what we have will help us to have peace with ourselves and others.If we complicate our lives and fill our hearts with the materials of the world especially its riches (money), according to the Apostle Paul, we are bringing ourselves much trouble and pain. This is when we will not have peace of mind. We will start blaming life and others too. From here, our good relationship with others is disturb.Proverbs says that our wealth will not follow us when we die.So why spend so much of our time to go for something that we will not bring along eventually.

We are always in difficulties with people because we always think that others had made use of us or belittle us etc. We are sometimes full of vengeance because someone humilated us or hurt us.This is self-centredness. We spend sleepless nights thinking bad about those who had not been kind to us.I had often been in this situation before, all because I was thinking more about myself and less about learning from my mistakes.Of course problems are often caused by ourselves too. But unfortunately we always blame others and not ourselves.The danger is, if we hold onto our personal pride and continue to blame others all the time, our life will really be miserable.Once we move away from ourselves, we can avoid confrontation and let the peace of Christ enter our hearts and bring healing.We have to learn to forgive others no matter what so that peace will reign in our hearts.To have peace with others we have to make peace with ourselves.