Boy's convo as mechanical engineerthe two young guys*MY FAMILY

This is my family members
This is my family members

I am married to a beautiful Chinese lady (Rufina)in 1985 and we have 5 wonderful children, all boys before the tragedy.After the tragdey, only two of our children remained with us.Both myself and my wife are teachers and are now teaching in one secondary school in Miri. During the tragedy, Terence was in Primary 5. Clarence was yet to enter primary One. The elder boy (Terence) had graduated from university as a mechanical Engineer in 2011, is now working with an Oil and Gas Company.Clarence is still in university doing Civil engineering.

My boy, Terence bought two expensive watches for myself and her mother upon receiving his first pay. Both are good in playing the guitars and play the instruments in the church too.

My wife is my constant campanion and friend.In all my activities, especially in ministry or fellowship, she is the main player behind the scene.In fact, when I was invited to sing in West Malaysia, she accompanied me.My wife is gifted. She helps in the cooking in all our home fellowship involving christians teachers and students. She is a very hospitable person and our home is always open for fellowship.Visitors learn alot form her in the areas of cooking.But my wife is not alone in the kitchen.I help with the cooking too.This end of the year(2006), she is going to present some gifts( baju kurung) to as many as 35 ladies in our village in the highlands.I am so blessed by her presence.She is a gift from God to me.

Many people thought that my loving wife is a Lun Bawang because she speaks better than many Lun Bawang people!So she has little or no problem with my people when we go back to my home village in the cool highlands.

Every end of the year we will spend our holidays in the highlands. The main reason is our three children were buried there.Going home is something we look forward to each year.

We have a garden house and a fruit garden.During the short holidays we drive to our garden and spend one or two nights there.

I always thank God for my wife.We had been married for more than twenty years now and only death will part us.

My family is always together.We always travel together.Sometimes,we pray, sing and read the word of God together.My two children has a number of friends and they always spend their weekend with us during the school days. We regard them as our children.


My boys are quite tall now. One had just graduated from UITM with a degree in mechanical Engineering. He is currently applying for a job. The younger
one is will in university and will graduate as a civil engineer. So both of them will be engineers while their parents are teachers.

Short trips or holidays are very important to us as a family. These keep us together always. When you are always together, our love will continue to grow stronger.