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my school celebrated my 58th Birthday 2014

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.(Rev.12:11)

Testimony is very important. It comforts and encourages people who went through similar situation to find the way out. The devil do not want others to know that there is always a way out of the worst situation.





On the night of May 6th 1998, tragedy struck my family without warning and three of my five children perished in a fire. I had just left the house and my wife was about 200 kilometres away in another town attending the funeral of her mother.

(prior to my transfer to Lawas, more then two months before, my family attended a prayer meeting.During the prayer meeting, one of the deacons saw a vision of my family surrounded by a ring of fire( as mentioned in Job).


My immediate response was ” Why God? When I felt so close to You, You would permit such thing to happen to me?” I lifted my head into the sky and whispered in my heart, to God, ” Lord, tonight, You have put a ladder over my house and took three of my small children to heaven.” Then calmness and peace entered my heart. I knew God was listening to every of my heart beat and utterance. He was right beside me to comfort me. In my heart I was reminded of Job who had 6 children taken away from him and yet he had not raise a complaint to God. ( In fact, the week before the tragedy, I was calling all my form five students to my office, in twos and i managed to complete about 8 classes. I talked to them and encouraged them to study and improve their descipline. I asked them to love God too. We cleaned the school blocks and the hostels because it had not been cleaned for months I was told. The day the tragedy happened, my wife was called to Miri because her mother had passed away.)


The next day, our church pastor told the hundreds of people who had come that he had seen a vision of my children in God’s arms and God had told him that He will give me many children ” spiritual children.” God’s response was immediate. All the material possessions that i had lost was compensated through the love gifts of hundreds of people. I was a well known figure in my community, the president of an ethnic cultural association at a national level and also a government officer. However, many people know me because of my active involvement in church life. In fact, prior to the tragedy, I was involved in organizing a student camp involving more than 700 secondary school students camp. It was the biggest Inter-School Christian Fellowship. And in about three weeks I would be standing in front of thousands of my countrymen
who would be gathering for the Lun Bawang Festival- an event gazzeted in Malaysian Tourism Calender of events, which is celebrated on first of June each year. But that night, God was preparing me for something for the future. That night was the darkest moment in my life. But through the grace of a loving and merciful God He had sustained me.That night would be the turning point and the beginning of a special relationship with God.

My loving wife,who hurt more than me could only cry by my side.We held each other and kept quiet knowing that there was nothing we could do once God had decided. The tragedy cemented our love for each other and for God and we resolved to go to heaven and meet all our children when our time comes.And we realized also that, we could be a source of comfort for others as well.

One sunday, a close friend of mine,and who is a church deacon testified that he had been to heaven. He told us that as he was about to take a short nap at home after coming from the office, his room was suddenly bathed in bright lights and suddenly someone was at the door. The person was covered with bright lights and my friend was unable to look at him. The person asked him to follow him. They came to my gutted house and above it was a ladder leading into the sky. He followed up the ladder until he reached an awesome place, too beautiful to describe. The people there shone brightly. Then the person said, “The three boys are here.” Then my friend saw the three boys among the people there. This wonderful episode in heaven ended abruptly after he saw the three small boys there.

My eldest boy dreamed of seeing them in a beautiful garden and looking very happy. They have beautiful clothes and new shoes. They wore shoes of gold.

A retired pastor once stopped me months after the tragedy and told me that God really loves me.

I experience visions and there is a new life in me. I have a new passion, that is to read the Word of God, to pray and to sing worship songs. Song just emerged from my hearts and sometimes it comes through my mouth. There is this spring of living water flowing through me. I have entered a new dimension in my spiritual life.

I am feeling that if God comes today, I have no doubt and fear because I will just walk into heaven. I have no more fear of death because if I die, I will be meeting my three children too.

     I was awakened in the middle of the night and was told in my heart that God wants to speak to me. ” Lord,
what do you want me to know?” I asked. Suddenly, I found myself driving my car at night and the brilliant lights from my car shone brightly. Then an overpowering thoughts entered my mind and I must place my hands on an individual because he is given the gift of “music!” My small thoughts was communicating with the overpowering thought and I asked God to revealed me more.. but that was all that was revealed. When the vision ended, I found my self vibrating gently until it stopped. The next sunday, I called the young musician and placed my hands on him as I prayed for him. Before this eventful night, I was writing a paper about spiritual gifts.. ( 1999)

     once,I was invited to lead a praise and worship servive in a village church in my home town. I told the organizers to remove all long benches in the church and replace them with plastic chairs. This was a youth service involving more than 400 young people and many people were attracted to the event too. It would be the first of its kind because I told the organizers that the whole night will be for singing only. We started at about 8pm and at about 1030pm, suddenly something happened! Everyone was suddenly released and began to sing and praise God with exceeding joy like a big celebration. Everyone left their chairs and was all over the place- including around me. Then those youths who were watching from the distant also rushed into the church building and join in the joyful celebration! I had never seen anything like it- an entire congregation released and given the freedom to praise God! At about 12 midnight, I invited anyone to come forward to be prayed for and recommit their life to God- and everyone came forward sobbing and crying before the Lord. What a night. For long period after that, the youths were on fire for God.



I am a secondary school principal with more than 34 years of teaching experience. The schools that I had managed had received
different kinds of awards at state and national level. There are numerous awards at district level.
Recently, i was being observed for the post of Excellent principal. My wife is a teacher too. We have 5 children including the
three who are now in heaven. All of them are boys. I love my family and will bring them along most of the time.

I do not smoke or drink alcholic drinks.I love singing Christian songs, my children refer to me as a teacher and
farmer- cos sometimes I spend my time in our fruits garden. Although I am a member of Borneo Evangelical Church I have no problem with other denomination.To me the indwelling Holy Spirit unite all Christians and what really matters are our relationship with God and man.


God had given me visions and dreams, and most relates to myself. My future is in God’s hand and I am aware that He will open the door for me to serve Him full time and at the same time, He will close some doors. Some Christians too were given visions or prophecy regarding my ministry.I know that once God decides, there is nothing you can do about it. It will happen.


My song “JESUS I LOVE YOUR NAME” is my personal testimony.God had put what I needed to say through this song which I suddenly sang while I was holding my guitar.Besides, I had spoken to God to tell me what I must say in a fellowship of pastors in two days time.The key words in this song are;

The oil of gladness has touched my heart to glorify your holy name;
You let me see, how love should be;
The love of God so pure and free;
You gave me love, to share around;
And bring Your light, to everyone
I long to be up there somewhere
To see Your holy face.

Love and mercy rules our heart once God puts His love in us.We not only love God and longs for Him but our relationship with others is loving and sweet.


The WORD of God, if read and meditated day and night purifies our mind(thoughts),heart and spirit.This is the way into the deeper life my friend.The word sanctifies the life within us and leads us into holiness, that God requires of us.Our encounter with the Living God increases our faith in Him and makes us trust in Him and subsequently obey Him.
SINGING THE WORD of God makes it easier for us to remember and read the Word of God in a creative way that enlightens us each day.Because the joy of the Lord vibrates through the songs that we lift up for God.
Our LOVE for God will multiply when we ponder upon His word and count His blessings each passing day.
OBEDIENCE to the Word of God is true worship.It is acknowledging and following Him.
PRAYER is the cord that connects us to the heart of the Almighty.We continue to pull the strings to put forward our request.
The LIVING WATER of the river of Life brings healing and life within us.It cleanses our spirit of impurities just as water is used to clean our body of impurities.When we flow along the River of Life, it will lead us to the Source of LIFE- the SPRING OF LIVING WATER.

The Bible speak about the River of Life but few Christians ever want to know about it.The fact is, the springs of living water abound in those who truly believes in the Son of God.Not only will we go into the River of Life when we get to heaven but here on earth, the River will also flow into our heart and bring healing within.


Many godly people had told me with regards to the gifts that God had bestowed upon me.I love singing and leading worship, most so among the youths. Recently a Christian teacher told me that his ISCF keeps on singing the song I shared in one ISCF leaders camp and would like me to share with the group again.What God told a pastor about me still rings in my ears “that God will give me many spiritual children..”


Many people who had lost love ones, especially children told others that they had received comfort by looking at my family.My sharing with many people help them to overcome their own griefs.

The visions and dreams that I share enable them to understand something about visions and dreams.

The songs that I sang had touched many people.Some of the songs had been used in dance as a worship to God.

I also come to realize how fragile and vulnerable man is in the sight of God.Man might appear invincible and so powerful but once God intervenes and decides, noone can prevent Him.


Fourteen years had passed but my children are still in my mind. They will forever be there to push me to remain on course to heaven. Many people who call themselves experts will say that you will soon get over your loss, but as to date, they are still part of me, and it is good that it remain so, so that we do not lose sights of heaven. It humble us before an awesome God. In fact it is better that we have memories of them in our mind.

Over the years, i see God’s loving kindness in my family life. Both my remaining children have been blessed by God and doing well in their studies. They get themselves involved in ministry. Now one is working in Oil and Gas company as a mechanical engineer and the other one is still in university studying for his diploma and degree in civil engeneering. Both will be engineers. God had and is blessing my family.

In fact my family did not spend much on their university fees because they were both studying at UITM. There their fees per semester is only RM400 plus. So you see, God had been kind to us.

As for me, i am still in the General council of SIB/BEM and now a church elder. I lead His Sparrows to minister in various places. God is whom I will serve.


As i walk with our Lord, being involved in ministry and at the same time carrying out my duties as an employee, God is always there to advise, counsel and protect. I am aware of the constant attacks of the evil forces, because the more you are involved in God’s work, the stiffer the resistant is. God in His mercies enable me to see the One who is invisible. We believe in God who is real. Not a make up kind of faith,but faith with substance. I believe in a God who will make sure that I know He is there by my side. So once in a while, I will have an encounter with God. Now i know, if God is for us, who can be against us? My God is real, and He keeps Himself in touch with me. We are so blessed. Other faith had believe in something for decades but still have yet to have an encounter with whom they believe. That is tragic. If you are a Christian, search God more and have a living encounter with the One who is invisible. Remember all the prophets, and the Apostles? They have a living encounter with God!


I already had some plans when i retire. I just want to go to a Bible school to sharpen my knowlege and after that off to be involved in evangelistic ministry. Over the years, most of what i was involved were on administration and planning of ministry activities. But this time, i want to go to the fore front with His Sparrows.  There will be no retirement in the ministry field for me…