The Bible teaches us that man’s treasure is where his heart is.For Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”(Matthew 6:9-11). So, really, it does not take a great while to tell where our treasure is and what it is.If we are to have a conversation with one another, we will be able to determine where our treasure is, either in heaven or on earth.Talk to a politician about politics, his eyes will light up.Talk to a businessman, he will tell you how to make thousands of bucks…his heart is there. Talk to some fashionable people about clothes or dresses, their eyes will kindle with interest. Talk about some singers, to some people, they will tell you more…You see, its not difficult to find where our treasure is.Talk about fags names to a smoker, he will affectionately tell you more.Ask a strong drinker about the best brands, he will tell you a great deal.But ask him about who are Jesus’s disciples, he will scratch his head.

The treasures that we have in this world are bringing man into all kind of ruins. People go to war because of these treasures.People kill and steal because of the want of treasures.Man had become slave to all kinds of treasures such as money, alcholic drink, cigarettes, sexs,dresses, houses, lands, gardens,rock music, famous celebrities, honour, fame, popularity, position, business, pleasures, degrees etc..These become treasures when all our affections and effort are locked into them more than any other things.

If anything is going in between us and God, that is our treasure. That treasures are earthly ones.That treasure is an idol.

Money is one treasure that often comes in between man and God.People are so occupied of making themselves rich that in the end, there is no end to it.They will continue to earn as much as possible so as to reach their thousands. After that, their hundred thousands.Then their millions… and so and so on. The more money a person earns, the heavier the burden is on their back.Our thoughts will be to make more money, to keep the money and to ensure that the money is not stolen.Therefore our heart is never at peace.In this type of condition, God is seldom thought of.They will find it hard to go to church because they do not want to give offering etc. because they will be afraid of losing their money.Some people refuse to go to church because they want to earn money on sunday. So there is no rest at all.In the end the money controls the person and prevents him from looking elsewhere.Here, man becomes a slave to money, which actually is a dead thing.

BOASTING ABOUT TOMORROW Now listen, you who say,”Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make MONEY….as it is you boast and brag.All such boasting is evil.”(James 4:13-17)

Obviously, the object of being boastful and bragging in the verse above is about making MONEY.A lot of man’s activity is about making money.When a person boast about his riches, it shows, his real reason to get more money is for self pride.He wants to tell people that he is better of than them.So money to some people is everything- pride, power and freedom.Like a cigarette or beer, money can make us slave, although we might regard them as our treasures.When A person becomes very rich, it doesn’t mean that he is blessed. Many people who are not Christian are very rich. The richest man in the world as far as money is concern is not a Christian.People can really make money by working hard and doing all kinds of things, but it doesn’t mean the riches is from God.The Bible has always warn Christians about the love of money.Paul and Psalms and proverbs mentioned about it.

The Babaylonians worship gold, silver and bronze.They create or shape their idols with either gold, silver or bronze.That indicated that gold and silver were the center of their life.

Nowadays, we are pursuing money just like those in the old days. Some rob banks or others just because of money. They kill someone just because of money. Lots of people suffered all their lives because wanting to get rich but when they got the money, they still could spend it to improve their life. The Bible says that those who piles up riches will only pile it for someone else.

The Bible warns us about putting our heart on the riches. If our wealth increases, do not set your hearts upon it.Use it wisely so that it does not steal our attention away from God.

God gives us certain skills to enrich or to provide us an avenue to earn a living.But such skills might prevent us from looking to Christ is we do not plan our time wisely. Time for God and time for ministry will prevent us from putting all our thoughts and mind on the special skills that we possess.The skills become our treasure if we place them above our love for God.

How are we to know that we have treasures in heaven?The Bible mentions quite a number of times that supporting Christian ministries with our own money or support will definitely be repaid in heaven.God will credit into our account those ministries that we have supported which bore fruits.Helping the needy and doing good and following Jesus will be rewarded.If you have never help or support any ministry or any pastor or has never involved in winning others for Christ, you have nothing in heaven!You might be very wealthy here on earth, but you in heaven, you have nothing.