If we are not willing to pray, we do not have knowledge and understanding of God. Prayer is worshipping God and depending upon God. Praying is the habit of any believer of Jesus Christ.

1 Timothy 4:4-5

“for everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the Word of God and by Prayer.”

During one of my holidays break, I returned once more to my home village in the highlands. Then , I decided to visit an elderly deacon, whose age must be in the 70+ because he was my late father’s generation. He requested that I go to his house. So I went. He told me that he had waited since last year for me to visit him. Since he always tell me, God always speak to him, I ask him, how God speaks to him. “Sometimes in my heart,” he said and he continued,” Once, I asked God what is the meaning of ‘when two or three gather in My name I will be there also…’and there was no answer from God.Then very early the next morning, I was awaken by loud singing.I woke up at about five something in the morning (still dark)and saw that the church seemed to be filled with many people and the roof moved up and down at the singing of many voices.Bright lights came out of the windows too. So I told myself that others had come to the church to pray, earlier than himself this time.(He said that he was always the first to come to the church for the daily morning devotion).As he approached the building, the singing becomes deminishing and when he entered, he saw that his brother and another person were already there and were singing an old hymn!”

Once, after we have finished our praise and worship service and there was much rejoicing and joy some of the people told me that as I was leading the praise and worship, they saw many angels singing above me.. and this was not the only time…

My little boy was too frightened to take his bath or go to the toilet on his own.Every morning, either my wife or myself will be watching him bathe or wash.So one evening, while he was sleeping, I put my hands upon his head and prayed to remove the fear that bothered him. The next morning, he woke up and went to the bathroom himself without asking us to accompany him!Later on my wife asked me whether I noticed the change and I told her that I had placed my hands on his head while he was sleeping. And so, through the prayer of his parents,the little boy was delivered from fear.

Many people are discouraged when few people join for prayer meetings.Some call it off when only two or three attend. In fact, God is always there no matter how many attend such prayer meeting. Be encouraged to pray always.

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
(James 5 :16b)
Pray continually.”(1 Thessalonians 5:17)


Our children often reminded us to pray if we forget.Family prayer time is very important because it not only help us us get closer with our God but it helps develop the continuos dependence on God’s grace everyday of our lives.
We are teaching our children to depend on God from a very young age and this surely will bring God’s blessings upon the family.

What my family does sometimes is, during our family prayer devotion, I will lead in opening prayer.My children read some of the verses, or we take turn to read and sometimes my wife or myself share. We go through some prayer points and pray together. My wife closes in prayer. A very simple pattern but long reaching.Our goal is to make sure that we are heaven focus because three of our family members are waiting in heaven.
A couple told us that it is not possible for them to have children.They had checked with the doctor after years of having no children. So they asked us to pray for them. We prayed for them in the church. Now, thanks to God, they have two children and probably more in the future.

Couple who has no children must not stop praying. It is advisable to ask some people to pray for such couples.

The Apostle Paul and Barnabas prayed and sang together in a cell and God answered them by breaking the prison doors and setting them free.

Praying together in a small group opens the opportunity for every member to share or to speak and get involved directly compared with a bigger group where only two or three active members do everything.Courage is initiated or built up. It is quite obvious that people who actively involved tend to experience a release than those who has not the opportunity to say prayers etc. Small group of two or three will really encourage a person to share and pray before he or she joins a bigger group!


LET ME ASK YOU…What do you do before sleeping?What do you do before taking a meal?What do you do before reading the word of God? What do the congregation do before songs of praise and before leaving the church building after service? Of course the answer is PRAY!
Praying is therefore the number one ministry.Jesus prayed a lot when He was on earth.In whatever we do, we must pray. This should remind us that, praying is of utmost importance for the spiritual well-being of every Christian. Praying alone, praying in numbers and praying in a large group are all important.

Parents are often very busy if both are working.When they come back, their children are either a sleep or they are out of the house.In the physical realms, nothing seemed to worry us much since we can ask someone to look after our children while we are at work.In this case we are paying attention to the physical need..the food,clothing etc , for our children.But as far as the spiritual realms is concern, we feel that our children are alright eventhough they might be sprirtually dead.Christians should know the consequences of being spiritually dead.Parents should pay more attention to the spiritual needs of their children so that they do not become victims of the forces of darkness. Our children are all the time exposed to attack from the evil forces who are bent on destroying the people. Parents who devote themselves to pray will pray for the protection of their children from all kinds of evil. The prayers of parents are very powerful.They are like a shield, preventing the arrows of evil from penetrating.If both husband and wife pray together for their children, how powerful their prayer would be.

The book of Daniel is an important book for us today. We see Daniel as a young man of excellent principle and and one who is faithful to God although in a foreign land. They did not defile their bodies even though they were offered the best, from the king’s table.Daniel and his friends are an example of people who are faithful to God and who does not compromise to the ways of the world. And God gave them knowledge and understanding and wisdom. When the king of Babylon demanded that all the wise men of Babylon be put to death for not knowing his dreams and therefore not able to interpret it, Daniel emerged to take up the challenge. Did he get the dream and answer immediately just because God had given him the gifts?No. He called his three other friends in Daniel 2:17-19 and they prayed for God to have mercy upon them and to give them the mystery of the dream so that they can tell it to the king. And in the night, the mystery was revealed to Daniel.Four of them prayed and God answered through a vision.


“Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees (Cowper)

“Prayerless pews make powerless pulpits” (Anonymous)

“Let prayer be the key of the day and the bolt of the night.(Ritcher)


1.Our daily protection ( against seen and unseen forces)
2. our daily needs.
3.Our daily communion with God
4.Our daily exercise of faith in God
5.Our daily dependence on God
6. Our daily support of minitries
7. Our daily worship
8. Our daily weapon
9. Our daily shield
10. Our daily companion.


When two or three person agree on something together, God will answer. But too often, when we have prayer meeting, everyone will pray for whatever without deciding on the prayer points that they should agree together. Thus we miss the mark. Imagine if many people agree together on one prayer point!