I stopped because…..( a personal testimony of a non christian)

Someone known to me told me a very sad story. He was looking after a retarded child when he decided to go out to buy cigarette outside. Because the child was sleeping, he locked the door and went to the nearby shop to buy the cigarette. When he returned, he was shocked to see the child, pinned up between a gap above the door, dead. The child had apparently tried to climb out while he was away but got stuck and died. It was his addiction to cigarette that took him off his guard.

But this one made me stopped altogether. A father was sitting down with his cigarrette still in his mouth when his little daughter ran to him calling aba aba.. but that burning cigarette pocked right into one of her eyes….

What is so important about smoking?

Bringing in the smoke into your house instead of protecting your family?

In case of contracting cancer, depriving your family of their life support.

Money use to buy cigarette could be saved for time of emergency or for buying food for the family.

Just think about it.