Springs of Living Water

Springs of Living Water



God is the Spring of Living Water. In heaven the River of life flows through the City of God. It flows from the Throne of God and of the Lamb. And this river of life will flow deep within us, those who receive Jesus.

Ezekiel 47  speaks of the River of Life. The Book of revelation speaks of the River of Life. Jesus also spoke of the River of Life. When a person believes in Jesus Christ,
streams of living water flows within him. God also says in Jeremiah that Israel had forsaken Him, the Spring of Living Water. God is the source, the spring of the water
of life. So, when we receive Jesus as Lord and believe in Him, the River of life is within us. It gives us life, make us a new, refresh us, cleanse us and bring us towards eternity. We become witness and bring nations to God.

We must remain in the vine so that the River continues to flow. What will block or hinder the flow of the water of life? Sin will. So we must ensure that the Spring
of the Living Water is in our heart.

That clear Water of Life in heaven also awaits us. We will enter that Water and it will remove from our hearts sorrows, sickness etc . Yes I LONG TO SWIM IN THAT RIVER UP THERE.

He will lead them to Springs of Living Water and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.(Rev.7:17)

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life as clear as crystal,flowing from the throne of God….the leaves are for the healing of the nations.”(Rev.)


Water of life – The new life is for eternal life.
Clear as crystal – Purity and righteousness that represent who God is. God cleans us from impurities
Flowing from the throne of God- From God- the Holy Spirit move
Leaves are for the healing of the nations- Those who receive this water will bear fruits and bring healing to all people.


God the Father is the God of all comfort who is full of compassion and love(2 Corinthians 1:13).God knows all our suffering and knows what is best for His children, although at times it is too difficult for us to understand

Our loving Father let the River of Life flow within us, bringing healing of all kinds.This River of Life brings life,joy,renewal to our being and spirit.From the verse above, Jesus will bring us to the springs of Living Water and God will wipe every tear from our eyes.It is from this springs of Living Water that our sorrows is turned to gladness and our mourning into dancing.

Unless the River of life flow within us, there will be no life in us.There will be no lasting comfort, no lasting joy,no lasting peace and surely there is no hope.Everything lives where ever the river flows(Ezekiel 47).Bitterness is turned to love and sweetness.

Jesus said that whosoever believe in Him, springs of Living Water will flow from within him.(John 7:38)and Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter and the Spirit of all truths.

The tragedy brought me on my knees before an Awesome and Almighty God.It causes me to acknowledge the sovereignity of God over all things.It cut me into pieces deep within me and bring me to humilation of which I have no answer.I became aware of the helplessness of man before an all powerful God.But at the same time, God, through the work of the Holy Spirit brought me to my senses and filled me with His love so that I can love Him and others as well.

I always spend my holidays back at my home village in the highlands at the northern tip of Sarawak.Two years ago, my aging mother requested me to pray for her.Before I prayed for her, she told me of her dreams of which were more than a dream.The dreams were the same- in her dreams, she was brought to a beautiful place with many people. There was a beautiful river/lake with water as clear as crystal and many people go into the river to swim. My mother was led into the river.At first she was reluctant but the persons who brought her insisted that she must enter.When she went into the river,she realized that she could breath, turn and swim in the water with ease-she could see and hear people in the water- as she loved to swim in the water, the persons had to ask her to come out as it was time to go. When she told them she does not want to go back,they told her, her time has not come yet.Then she will wake up.

My mother asked me whether the dreams are good or not. And I told her that, you have just visited heaven- the River of life. When the illness that you are having is too much for you to take, they come and bring you to that river to refresh and take away the pain. God bless you.

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Can we go without water?

Can we go without water?Noone, as far as we are concern can go without water.Thirst will overtake us in no time.This body needs to be replenished with water in order
to survive. This bodily needs represent our spiritual needs which can only survive unless there is a constant flow from the source – flowing from the Throne of grace. God is the spring of living water as mentioned in Jeremiah.
Unless God is in us, we will never find satisfaction in life, be it physical or spiritual.


When we talk about revival or renewal, we must talk about the River of Life.The River of Life symbolizes the work of the Holy Spirit in us. The River has to flow within us to begin the work of regeneration, renewal or to give new birth in a spiritually dead person. Only when the Holy Spirit moves in this way can revival begins. The spring of Living Water is God Himself and we have to humble ourselves and open ourselves to the on-flowing streams of God. We have to give way the stubborn heart and be broken inside. A heart which is not broken inside will not experience revival at all.

Father in heaven, let the River flows in our hearts.Do not pass by us.Let the water of life flows to every corner of our hearts washing clean any stubborn particles that had stucked or hidden there.Let us be led by the everlasting streams that lead to heaven.
In Jesus name we pray.



With joy we can draw water from the wells of salvation (Isaiah 12:3). There is an important message in this verse. In praise and worship, joy is very important.Singing and praising God without joy is as good as dead. Praising God with joy will draw the Holy Spirit. Praising and worshipping God with joy will open our hearts to the ever-flowing streams of God. You want revival or renewal? Praise God with songs of joy, and He will show you the way to salvation.