Any ships sailing on the seas or oceans will face all kind of storms. It could be small storms or a big one, but it will still cause some kind of damage to the ships.Sometimes, ships were pushed away from their original route, others were shipwrecked after being bashed against the rocks. Some of course, sank into the deep seas. That is, when ships are built, the builders will take the battering of storms in mind so that their ships will sustain the storms.

Our life is the same. We are on a journey towards physical death and heaven. Our body is the ship. As we sail through life open seas, all kinds of storms emerge. Some are small storms but some are terrible. if we are in the open seas, we will not be exempted from storms. Surely we will face the storm. What is important is how are we going to manage ourselves in the storms? Since we cannot avoid it, we have to learn to dance in the rain.

Storms of life come in many ways or forms. Afflictions such as tragedies, persecution, injustice are familiar in many places. Some came about by ourselves, this are called self-inflicted where, as the result of our actions, such consequences came about upon us.   


Without wind, a sailing ship will not move. It need strong wind to push the ship. We need toughness, firmness or discipline to move us. We become strong as we try to stand taller than our problems. We become stable after being pushed many times.