Jesus I love Your Name


Jesus I love your name

It brings me joy, in times like this

The oil of gladness has touched my heart

To glorify Your Holy Name

You let me see, how love should be

the love of God, so pure and free

Lord touch my heart and let it feels

the flow of your love within my heart

In times of grief, You gave me joy

In times of sorrows, He’s always near

He gave me love to share around

And bring His lights to everyone

O guide my life, O Lord I pray

And hold my hands, along the way

I long to be, up there some where

to behold the beauty of Your face.

( this song came right into my mouth just before I was to lead a special service for a group of pastors.I had asked God what I should share with the pastors a day before the special service and this song appeared to be my personal testimony. I also sang it during the service).

2. Simon Peter
Simon Peter, son of John
Do you truly loves me
Jesus, O Jesus, You know that I will, always love You

Jesus, You know everything
You know that I will, always love you
Jesus, You know who I am
You know that I will always love you.

( This the most powerful song I had sung so far. When I sang this song during one of the services, all the pastors dropped on their knees crying before the Lord. As I sang this song in one of the Easter Conventions,my whole body trembled throughout the singing. Many people cried. Some people said they I had sung the song with a different melody
that time, but in actual fact I had not. Probably God had altered the melody accordingly. I heard of a woman who could not control her tears- she cried all the way home. He
husband told some people that the songs in the album are different than any of the christian songs that he had heard).

A young man once told my brother that everytime he listen to the songs, his heart trembled and he felt weak.

A group of youths were in a drunken state when some one among them played the songs. They were stopped in their tracks and they ceased drinking. Everyone wanted the casette but the owner promised to get some. My brother received a call at about 2.00 in the morning, asking him to send 10 casettes in the morning.

Some one bought 8 casettes and lost all. She did not know who took them.


Many people were encouraged to see me come through such a tragedy and be able to burst into songs. My actions shamed many people who backslided over minor problems in their lives.They met me and told me how they felt when they see me sing or even dance during such a difficult period. Some cried when they hear the songs as they relate to my sorrows. They asked me how my songs come.

1. Song in my heart. Sometimes, I can hear my spirit sings.That is, I could hear song melody in my heart, this comes with the words. When this happens, I will record it on tape quickly. Sometimes, it will disappear but will come may be a day, or a week or month later. Have a few songs like that.

2. Song in my mouth. This is probably the most common to me. When I play the guitar, I will just sing an already arranged melody with the words. Sometimes, I will find it difficult to follow part of the melody.So have to try to acquire part of it.

As some of my songs are words from the scriptures, these happen when I read the bible or just resting.

I have no musical training of whatsoever, except learning some guitar cords on my own. So I am unable to transcribe my music or songs into music sheets. I can’t read music either.

If you notice, my songs are simple and some follow the hymn pattern.I accept them as they come.


By your stripes Lord I am healed
By your stripes Lord I am healed
By your stripes Lord I am healed
Lord Jesus, I am healed
I believe in you O Lord
I believe your holy word
I am healed Lord
By your stripes


Jesus I love your name
Love you with all my heart
Jesus I love your name
Love you with all my heart
Fill my heart, with your love
Let it overflows
let me love, those around
and be a light to everyone


There’s a river that flows
From the threshold of the temple
It’s the river of life
Flowing from the throne of grace

Whereever it flows, everything lived
Salt water turning fresh
Fruit trees will abound
Its fruits will be served
And the leaves will heal every man


O Jesus, we want to praise your name
We want to worship you
In this place
O Jesus, we want to honour you
We want to lift your name
Up high

Your presence, is what we need Lord
To open all our hearts
Your presence, will healed us
And to draw us Lord
To your self


Let your light shine in our hearts
Your word, written in our hearts
Let the living waters flow
As we sing you our praise

Let our fellowship be sweet
As we bow down at your feet
Let your Spirit binds in love
Our hearts to honour you

Let us be your light
Shining out your light
Bringing love to everyone
Let us be your salt
Reaching for lost souls
Bringing glory to your name
(Lord bringing glory to your name).


I want to praise His holy name
I want to sing to honour Him
I want to glorify the Lord
Jesus is the one I adore

I want to clap my hands with joy
I want to lift my hands to Him
I want to raise my voice in songs
Jesus is the one I adore

Jesus will answer when I call
He is my strength, He is my all
That’s why I sing
That’s why I jump
That’s why I dance with joy
(He’s my God)


As I had mentioned above, the songs begins with a melody and then the thoughts for the lyric. As I am not a musician, I won’t be able to read any musical notes, except some guitar cords.

The song “He’ll will answer when I call” came when i took my guitar one evening and just sang the song. In my mind I was to tell others why I have to sing and at other times sing and jump up or dance. Some church people are not so familiar with this form of praising God.

One very intimate song “I commit myself” came just before I was to lead a worship service. So I sang the song during that service.

Some of the songs are short, especially those derived from the Bible. As I read the verses, the melody came- such as “Simon Peter”, “By your stripes”, “Whom have I beside You”(Which is yet to be released, and many others.

But there were some which came purely and distinctly from the heart. I could hear my spirit sing within me and I would try to sing to follow the melody. One particular song comes to my mind.This song is in Lun Bawang and it honors the Trinity. When i heard the song in my heart, I had to look for my tape recorder.While I search for my tape recorder it stopped. It came about an hour later.

Infact, the songs can just come into my mouth. Sometimes, I have to get the tape recorder nearby, just in case. If I couldn’t record it when it first come, it will come in a week or two or even in a few months until i had it recorded.

We have to constantly read the Bible and meditate upon God’s words everyday for these things to happen. When I pray, read God’s word or honor God in songs, the songs will come easily. I do not mix my songs with worldly hits. I only sing Christian or spiritual songs and no others.
Many Christians move from singing Christians songs to world songs.In other words, they got the art of singing from the church and use it for the world. Sad isn’t it. I have one thing in my heart. If I don’t sing for God I won’t sing any song at all.These two just couldn’t mix.

I commit myself to you.I commit my life to you.I commit my family to you.You are a mighty God.Prince of peace, counselor, son of God you are.Loving me, saving me.Let the River flows.
Some one wrote to me, he said, “This song had broken my hard heart.
This song came to me about two hours before I was to lead a sunday worship service.Do hear it in soundclick (