The doors to our mind and heart


There are doors to our mind and most of these doors can be closed or shut by us any time we
want.Through these doors traffic is quite heavy. What are the doors?

The main door to our mind is none other than the eyes.You let the Word of God through, the Word will be able to renew your mind and eventually your heart.You let obscene pictures enter your mind through your eyes, you allow your mind and hearts to be contaminated and be filled with those things. How to prevent bad things from passing through this door? Don’t ever let them enter.In other words, do not try to open your eyes to these things.Open this door to the Word of God and good things. The Word of God is alive and the Word purifies the mind and the heart. It enlightened the heart with the things of God. Once the Word of God enters the heart, evil will not be able to hide there. They will flee. So open or shut this door is really at our disposal. Noone is to blame but ourselves if evil things enter our minds and hearts.Jesus had said that if our eyes cause us to sin, we might as well get rid of it or else it will destroy the whole body.

The ear is another door that is constantly open to all kinds of things- good or bad. Lots of people behave differently because of what they hear and what they hear might not be the truth.Unlike the eyes, you cannot shut it or turn in another direction to avoid hearing something. The only way of course is to block it. But still we can choose to hear the Word of God or we may not- the choice is ours.God surely has given us responsibility to use our ears wisely.Don’t let the ear be too eager for gossips.

The mouth OR the tongue surely is a populor door. People become drunkards because they allow such strong drinks to enter so much so that they yearn for the taste of the beer each and everyday. Other things such as drugs also enter not by itself but the person himself stuff it in there!Who is to be blamed when a person becomes intoxicated?Do we blame God or the devil? We favor a lot of food due to its taste or delicacies. Once we taste something that is so good, you will surely go for more, won’t you?

The nose can pose a huge problem.The nose will actually warn us what is good or bad, but not necessary so too. People are attracted to certain smell. I have seen young people spend their time dipping cloth in petrol and cover their noses to inhale.

The touch of the hands happens to be a bridge to our body.

So we need to be cautious at all times before we permit whatever through the various doors. We must know that the Word of God must be permitted to enter if we want an inner transformation to occur in our lives accordingly.

” I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you (Psalms 119:11)


Our heart is the store room or the place where we keep or hide the things that went through the doors that I had mentioned above. Before it is keep in the heart, it must get the approval of the mind or the brain. If the Good wins the battle in the battle field of our mind, then good things will be kept in the store room. If the bad wins then the heart will permit the bad things to enter. So when we allow bad things to enter the various doors, we are inviting trouble to ourselves by allowing our enemies to do battle in our mind.It is like allowing our enemy to enter our fence and eventually our house.

Once bad things had won our hearts, surgery is needed. No one can help us clean our hearts. Only God through the blood of Jesus and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit can help us clean our hearts. Only God can renew or give us a new heart.

Whatever we do, the choice has always done by us.


Paul refer to our body, this temporary home, like a tent. Jesus refers to Himself as a house, if destroyed, will be built in three days.Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and Jesus told His desciples about a parable about being ready for His second coming and not let the house be broken into.If you have ever dreamed of sitting in a depilated house, you are actually seeing your own spiritual condition.

Many people feel that going to certain experience make them wiser. In many ways they are right, especially if the experience are related to something good that we got ourselves into.However, some experiences pose problems for us- they add to the list of temptation at the door of our mind.At an earlier stage, we were perhaps solid rock but as the days pass by, the solid rock is weathered by the various storms of life and the once solid rock becomes once again, fragments of sand.For instance, if we know that the place is a place where sinful activities are abundant, it is wise to avoid such places.

The Word of God cleanses our mind and heart from any thing that we have permitted to enter the various doors of our mind.By reading the Word, we are bringing the light and power of the Word.The Word of God is alive.Meditating on the Word of God is one of the ways to get rid of the dirt or darkness from within us.When the Word of God is within us, the Holy Spirit will dwell in us.His presence will bring inward transformation which is necessary for a holy and godly life.

God told the Israelites to put the blood of the lamb on the doors of their house so that, when the angel of death pass the house, he will not enter.

Likewise, when the Blood of Christ cleanses us the moment we are forgiven by Him, His blood is on the door of our hearts. The devil will not want to enter our hearts.It is cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb. But we must make sure that we are forgiven and cleansed.

I REMEMBERERD of a story of two boys who went with another person to a grave. Their intention was to ask for lucky number. The other person with them
did not believe in God. The other two happened to be from Christian background. The other person was quickly possessed but the other two boys could not.
The spirits cannot enter them. The Blood of Christ must have prevented them from being occupied by the evil spirits.