There are many types of words; Kind words, cruel words, sarcastic words and deceptive words. Choose our words nicely.

We like to talk and talk and really there is no rule to stop a person from talking about anything. Talking is a human right. So everyone loves to talk. But words are as sharp as a knife. Words is sharper than the thorns of rattan plants.  Even worse if the person is drunk. In fact, the main reasons for so many fights, quarrels and riot is because of what the tongue had uttered. So listen to what we say first.

How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of the speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eyes.”( Matthew 7:4)

 Many wounds that we receive are often from our close friends or from our Christian brothers or sisters. They speak some words recklessly and we are hurt.  Like wise, we could do the same to others too. That is why, we need to learn to use our words wisely.



Your dad is a thief
A small girl came home crying. She told the mother that one of her classmates told her that her dad was a thief.(Her father who was working in a bank was just convicted of taking some money from the bank and was put in prison). This little refused to go to school any more. Not long after, she fell ill and was dying. She asked her mother to call for her dad who was still in prison. The father was brought to see her dying daughter. “Daddy, put your head near mind like you use to do,” was her last word.

Do you know why she fell sick and died? Because someone spoke a word about her dad and caused a fatal wound in her heart!

Brothers and sisters! Mind your words.


Did you ever cried before?Did you ever scold somebody or did someone ever scolded you? Were you so angry with someone the other day? Have you had sleepless nights because someone did say something that you did not like? Did somebody hurt you yeasterday? Did you ever think of taking revenge before?

Well, I just want to tell you that at some points in our lives, our heart had been wounded, bruised or cut not by a knife,swords or sharp objects, but by some words being spoken by someone. The apostle James mentioned about our tongues as sharper than double edge swords. It is like a fire that can destroy or kill others!A person might not hurt someone with his hands, but he or she might do so with his or her tongue. We can hurt or kill someone spiritually by words spoken intentionally or unintentionally.
The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.It corrupts the whole person,sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell….it is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.(James 3:5-8)

The Apostle Paul told the Galatians and Ephesians about the new creation as being sensitive to the desire of the Spirit. He mentioned that the ungenerated man’s heart is insensitive to things of the Spirit because they are blunt.The prophet Ezekiel spoke about the ungenerated heart as a heart of stone- too insensitive to what God wants.

The born again Christian is very sensitive to any act of sins, be it regarded as small or big. One of the characteristic of the Spirit-filled life is the beautiful, encouraging words spoken which portrays the gentleness and humility of the spirit and what’s in the heart. That is why, true Christians are able to hear God speaking to them. They are able to discern things which is or which is not of the Spirit.

A person who scold or hurt people at will has a trouble heart.

St Paul urged the Galatians and Ephesians to take of the old life and put on the new life. Try to listen to what we say when we are angry and try to learn to get rid of the obscene words, words of hate etc.. and I believe, the light will begin to shine in our hearts.

A couple who just got married went to make a visit to their auntie house when their auntie made remarks that the wife will have difficulty in having children!This was not the only time that auntie had made such hurting remarks. Another nephew who brought his wife for a visit was shocked when that auntie told the daughter-in-law that she was too small to have children.

For a couple who had just married, the most important thing in their minds were to have babies!And to tell them that they will not have children would hurt them terribly.

Similarly, if you are fond of calling your own sons or daughters all kind of bad names such as fatty, good for nothing, stupid are hurting them like as if you cut them with knives!

Christians should show the way for we are different- not like the Gentiles ( according to the Apostle Paul). Unfortunately, we hear a lot of remarks from non-Christians that they will never want to be Christians because the Christians appeared to do what the unbelievers do.

Even some non-Christians behave better than some so called Christians in manner of speech.

A lot of Christians always emphasize some other kinds of wrong doing or sins such as adultery, theft, smoking, getting drunk.Most sermons touch on such wrong doing.We forget that what comes out from a person’s heart really contaminates the person as what Jesus said in the Gospel according to Matthew with regards to the heart(Matthew 15:17-20).

Flaming arrows

Freedom of speech?Silence is golden..and truly it is really golden.If we are people who like to talk a lot, we might be in danger of going out of good arrows and getting cheaper brands instead.If we do not control our tongues,we could be firing flaming arrows at someone’s heart.What are some of the flaming arrows?They are abusive words,sarcastic remarks,threats,angry words, scolding and degrading remarks to mention a few etc.

Many quarrels and fights start with spoken words. The words ignite the fire and everyone want a go at each others’ throat.Those people involved didn’t like what they had heard. In other words, they were hurt on the inside. This thing happen to each and everyone of us. Ask yourselves who had ever made you really mad?You were hurt, that’s why you qrumble or got angry with someone. Hence, we need to be very careful in using our tongues. How people like us depends a lot on how we speak to them.

Christians, especially those who preaches must always check on themselves to use the most appropriate words. Otherwise many people will leave the church.

Kind words are words that could bring others to accept us and listen to us.Kind words spoken to others are a form of giving from us.When we speaks kind words, we make others happy or pleased and they are likely to be motivated to say good things. Kind words also bring healing to a wounded heart.

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing(Proverbs 12:18>

James also mentioned that the tongue is like a fire, which starts with a spark but can consume the whole area. The tongue, if not control will start a gossip or unnecessary talk that can bring dishonour or discredit to innocent people. That is why, the damage done by a tongue is even worse than what a knife will do. You can imagine how merciless a person can be if he or she has no control over his or her tongue. So reckless words are like a sword or spear or an arrow.

We must always bring healing to others through wise and nice words because it does not cost at all.Nice words are words of peace and surely it will bring peace to our soul too.

He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.(proverbs 21:23

Some hurts that we received are from others but some are caused by our neglegence. This is what I call, self-inflict wound.In the book of Hosea, God says that His people perish because of a lack of knowledge or when they cast off restrain.For instance, smoking.Smoking brings damage to the smoker’s lung and yet he is not aware of it or he does not restrain himself from bringing damage upon himself.Committing sins is inflicting wounds to our spirit too.We inflict cuts or wounds upon ourselves.We need to restrain ourselves so that we do not harm ourselves, body or spirit.


If we are  persons of authority, we have others at our mercy. Some people want to be leaders to manipulate others. Some to control others. Some to take
take advantage of others. Some want to tell others who are better. The danger of being a leader is that we make decisions that could hurt others. That
is why when some retire or no longer a boss, others do not care about them anymore. There is the bad tendency of a boss to try to control the life of

We must be thankful that we are a boss or a person of great authority because we have the opportunity to help others. If you are not elected
to be a leader, don’t be unhappy. God will raise certain people who will be a good responsible leader. Don’t force yourself to be a leader because you
might not be a good leader, even though you can do something better than some one.
Avoid of becoming a leader so that you will not be judged yourself.


BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER is what is valuable to all of us. Jesus mentioned of a woman whom he said, ” She had done beautiful thing for me.” When we do something to help others, we are doing something beautiful. If we say something nice to others, we are doing beautiful things to others. Beautiful character is from good deeds and words. Keep our words minimal but beautiful. Some one could be encouraged by your kind words. We need to reflect God’s love through our words and deeds.



The presence of God in us is the real power. Christian needs to realize that their success is due to God’s power in their lives. Our lives can influence others and if God is in us, we will be shining for God. People are influence by what they see, hear and experienced.